If you aren’t yet familiar with ThriveAP+, the program is ThriveAP’s answer to helping facilitate nurse practitioner’s transition from education to practice. MMU not only benefits NPs, medically underserved patients receive care from participating NPs helping out with the need for healthcare facing so many in our country. We’re loving reviewing your ThriveAP+ applications, so keep ’em coming!

A few nurse practitioners and soon-to-be NPs have reached out to us looking for more information about the program. How is ThriveAP+ structured? What qualities does the program have that help nurse practitioners grow in confidence and competence throughout the program?

If you haven’t requested a ThriveAP+ overview packet, let us know where to send your copy here. If you still have questions about the structure of ThriveAP+ after thumbing through the overview packet, check out the following information.

ThriveAP+ Kick-Off Conference

To kick-off the Fall 2016 ThriveAP class, NP participants will converge on Nashville, TN for two days of training. At the kick-off conference, you will get to know fellow NP participants forming supportive relationships that will benefit you throughout the program and your career. Participants will attend courses on professional and clinical development to help get the ThriveAP experience started off on the right foot. Course content includes topics like ‘Patient Care: It Can Be Compassionate and Efficient’,  ‘It’s All About the Knots: Suturing Skills’ and much, much more!

Are You Ready to Thrive?

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Weekly Didactic Webinars

Professional and clinical development will continue on an organized basis with weekly ThriveAP webinars. Nurse practitioner participants from across the country will meet online in a virtual conference room for one to two hours. Medical experts will present on clinically relevant topics from cardiac arrhythmias to dermatologic conditions and emergencies in primary care. Professional development continues with additional virtual presentations on topics like asking for feedback, billing and coding 101, and more.

Personalized Mentoring and Coaching

Nurse practitioners participating in ThriveAP work full-time at the facility where they are placed. Facilities participating in ThriveAP+ are committed to helping nurse practitioners reach their full potential. Clinics agree to designate one or more NPs, PAs, and/or MDs to help coach and mentor the NP in the clinical setting. Clinics agree to set challenging but reasonable expectations for the NP based on skill and experience.

Periodic Reviews

Every few months, ThriveAP requests feedback about participating nurse practitioners from clinical mentors. No, we don’t give out grades at ThriveAP, rather reviews serve as a way to receive feedback about how you can improve. This gives ThriveAP participants the opportunity to improve on weaknesses in a supportive environment before entering into a traditional employment arrangement.

Certificate of Completion!

Once you complete your 12-month ThriveAP+ experience, you receive a certificate of completion from the program. Sure, this is just a piece of paper, but it represents a year of rich learning that serves as a foundation for your NP career.

Graduates of programs like this often find that they have more opportunities after having completed the program than they had before doing so. Emerging as more experienced service leaders, NPs and PAs may go on to continue practicing in medically underserved areas or use their experience as a launching point for their advanced practice career. In whatever capacity you continue to serve as an NP or PA, your ThriveAP+ experience provides a unique and impactful foundation.

Want to learn more about ThriveAP+? Attend our informational webinar on February 9th, 2016 at Noon CST. Sign up here to attend!


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4 thoughts on “New NP Residency: How Is the Program Structured?”

  1. This is a great concept and a needed program. However, the name of the program is disrespectful to nurse practitioners everywhere! I don’t provide midlevel care so don’t call me a midlevel provider. I provide high quality care with great outcomes. So call us what we are advance practice providers, advanced practice registered nurses, nurse practitioners etc. but not midlevel providers.

  2. Donna Gibson FNP

    I can see this was not written by a nurse practitioner because the term “mid level” is offensive to nurse practitioners. This implies a lower level of care and as research has shown the care provided by the “practitioner” is on average the same or higher.

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