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Here at ThriveAP HQ, we’re stoked about the response we’ve received to the announcement of our residency-like program for nurse practitioners, ThriveAP+. This new program allows nurse practitioners to transition from education to practice with purpose. If you’d like a spot in ThriveAP’s inaugural Fall 2016-2017 class, here’s how to apply.

The ThriveAP+ application and placement process is pretty straightforward. The following steps outline what you can expect if you proceed with the application process (we hope you do!).

Step 1: Complete Application

The ThriveAP+ application packet helps us get to know you on a personal and professional level so we can maximize your chances of success in the ThriveAP+ experience. Documents required with your app include:

  • The ThriveAP+ application
  • Transcripts from your graduate nursing program
  • A CV outlining your education and professional experience
  • One professional and one academic reference

Keep in mind that applications are due February 29, 2016.

Step 2: Initial Phone Interview

We want to get to know you! Once application materials have been submitted, qualified applicants will be contacted for an initial phone interview. This gives us a chance to evaluate your interests and further assess your qualifications.

Step 3: Matching Process

Participating ThriveAP+ sites will be presented with applicants that meet the practice and healthcare needs of the setting. Specialty, location, practice culture, and individual preferences will be taken into account.

Step 4: Facility Interviews

Applicants matching with a ThriveAP+ facility will interview directly with a representative from the ThriveAP site. This gives the applicant a chance to evaluate the prospective site to see if it seems like a good fit for the  ThriveAP+ experience. It also gives the site a chance to evaluate your interests, qualifications, and fit for the practice.

Step 5: Final Decision!

Acceptance and placement decisions will be made in collaboration with the nurse practitioner applicant, the host facility and ThriveAP. Look forward to the ThriveAP Skills Lab in Nashville, Tennessee!

The ThriveAP experience is intense and rewarding. If you have a heart for service learning and a passion for the NP profession, we encourage you to apply! To have a ThriveAP+ application packet delivered to your inbox, let us know you’re interested in the program by clicking below. Or, email info@thriveap.com.


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