6 Best Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Programs

Choosing the right nurse practitioner program is the first step toward starting your career in pediatrics off right. Your educational experience will serve as the foundation for your practice so choosing a solid NP program is a must. 

Looking at passing rates on the national pediatric primary care certification exam, job placement rates for graduates, ease of placement in clinical preceptorships, and flexibility of educational offerings, we gathered facts and figures from pediatric primary care programs across the country and compiled a list of the top schools for aspiring primary care pedes NPs. Here are our top picks.

1. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Univeristy is simply the best when it comes to preparing pediatric primary care nurse practitioners. The school not only boasts a 100 percent pass rate for graduates on the national pediatric NP certification exam, new grads also enjoy a 96 percent job placement rate post graduation. Faculty also place students in clinical sites making the process low stress compared to other programs.

2. Vanderbilt University

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Not only does Vanderbilt University offer a quality program for aspiring pediatric primary care NPs as evidenced by a 100 percent pass rate on the national certification exam, the school has almost unmatched flexibility. Students complete most coursework online coming to campus about five days a month for face-to-face classroom experience. This block format allows students to continue working throughout the program.

3. Duke University

Like our prior pick, Duke University offers a primarily online experience for prospective pediatric primary care NPs. The distance format for MSN students requires just one, two to five day on-campus immersion session per semester. Not only does this flexibility make furthering your nursing education convenient, Duke’s stats prove the program’s  quality. Graduates of the program have a 99 percent pass rate on the national certification exam.

4. Columbia University

Located in vibrant New York City, pediatric primary care nurse practitioner students at Columbia University couldn’t ask for a better place to complete their education. Not only does the program offer the allure of the big city, Columbia’s pediatric primary care NP graduates are well prepared for their careers. Faculty say that students find jobs quickly upon graduation and also enjoy a 100 percent pass rate on the national certification exam.

5. Emory University

Emory University’s pediatric primary care nurse practitioner program is solid. Faculty place students in clinical sites eliminating the stress of finding a preceptor, and Emory’s pediatric primary care NP curriculum can be completed in just one calendar year for full-time students. Although the program can be completed quickly students also have the option to study at a slower, part-time pace. Emory’s pediatric NP program grads are prepared well for practice as evidenced but a “very high” passing rate on the national certification exam according to faculty.

6. Yale Univeristy

Yale’s pediatric primary care NP program holds true to it’s academic reputation. The traditional face-to-face classroom environment prepares students well for real-life care of children and adolescents. As a result, faculty say nearly all students are placed in jobs within a few months of graduation. Yale also arranges required clinical preceptorships for its pedes NP students making for a quality student experience.


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