7 Must Have Tools for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Working with kids can be difficult- you’ve got to win over their trust…and quickly. If not, lung sounds become nearly impossible to hear as they are overshadowed by by sobbing and ears unexaminable due to the thrashing of small heads. A smile, positive attitude and a joke or two are often enough to win over a cranky child. But, some fun, kid-friendly tools never hurt. 

Pediatric nurse practitioners are simply the best when it comes to working with kids. They have an unmatched ability to survey each and every exam room situation knowing exactly the best way to approach a child. When it comes to the kids that even pedes NPs can’t win over, these exam tools just might do the trick. Here are our must have supplies for pediatric nurse practitioners. 

1. Get Well Hippo Nurse Badge Holder

This super cute and oh-so-affordable badge holder is a top pick for pedes NPs. The cover is available online, but may also be easily replicable for the nurse practitioner with a DIY bent. Etsy shop Badge Blooms not only offers badge holders in this adorable hippo design, but also in plenty of other kid-friendly caricatures. 

2. Lion Stethoscope Cover

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Nothing breaks the ice at a pediatric appointment quite like a fuzzy stethoscope cover. This lion stethoscope cover also proves pretty comfy around your collar. Whatever your zoologic preference, PediaPals offers similar covers such as tiger, dalmatian, and dinosaur

3. PediaPals Dinosaur Exam Table

Go big or go home, right? If you are in the market for an exam table, this one certainly isn’t the most cost efficient, but you can’t put a price on atmosphere. This exam table is sure to perk up pedes and even comes in other amiable animal figures like hippo, lion, puppy, dolphin, polar bear, turtle, and rhino. Whether you are going for a jungle theme or under the sea scene in your clinic, Pediapals exam tables have got you covered. 

4. Zoo Animals Digital Thermometers

Looking for an easier was to take a kid’s temp? Look no further than these zoo animal thermometers. Not only are they adorable, at $15.99 for a set of four, they are also affordable. Temperatures can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and are also read in just 20 seconds. 

5. Yellow Bear Pediatric Digital Thermometer

Continuing with the animal trend when it comes to pediatric products, Acc U Rate makes a handy kid’s size pulse ox in the shape of an affable bear. If teddy isn’t your creature of choice, the company also sells a green frog version of the gadget

6. Elly Elephant Otoscope Attachment

Kids simply don’t like getting their ears examined. Thankfully, Elly is here to help. The otoscope attachment from PediaPals comes complete with matching otoscope covers. 

7. Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer

No neuro exam is complete without a reflex hammer. But, have you ever tried getting a knee reflex on a screaming kid. A proper test of reflexes requires relaxation and Jamaal the Giraffe is up to the task. Put your pediatric patients at ease with this creative neuro tool. 

Do you have any tips or tricks to share when it comes to working with pediatric patients?

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1 thought on “7 Must Have Tools for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner”

  1. Bob Blumm, MA, PA, DFAAPA

    An excellent selection of medical diagnostic tools that fits the bill when caring for kids and their parents.

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