4 Best Live NP Certification Review Courses

Studying for your nurse practitioner certification exam can be pretty stressful. You have learned a lot in one or two short years and the amount of content covered by the exam is extensive. Fortunately, there are a few excellent resources when it comes to helping with your exam preparation.

Review books and live courses are the best way to help direct your certification studies. Study materials narrow down content to the most commonly covered areas on the NP certification exam making you study more efficiently. For some students, using review books alone will be sufficient. But, for others the accountability and attention required by attending a live review course is a must. Which live nurse practitioner certification exam review courses are best?

1. Fitzgerald Health Education Associates

Fitzgerald Health Education Associates offers review courses for Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (Primary and Acute Care), Family Nurse Practitioners, and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. The company conducts seminars across the country, typically in major cities. For students living in other areas, or who cannot attend seminars in person, live internet-streamed versions of courses are also available.

Depending on the specialty, review courses range from about 20 to 30 hours in length and are held over a three day period. Fitzgerald’s live review courses cost anywhere from about $400 to $550 depending on date, location and specialty.

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As an added bonus, Fitzgerald will be hosting a free, live online “Getting Ready for the NP Certification Exam” seminar on July 8th, 2014.

2. Barkley and Associates 

Barkley and Associates offers excellent review materials for nurse practitioner certification as evidenced by a first-time pass rate of over 99 percent on the nurse practitioner certification exam by live review course attendees. Barkley’s review courses are hosted across the country in major cities and last two to three days depending on specialty.

These review courses cost anywhere from $429 to $599 depending on conference date and specialty. The company does give a significant discount for signing up early, so be sure not to delay your enrollment. Courses include a 100 question Diagnostic Readiness Test to help you assess your preparedness for the certification exam. Barkley and Associates offers review courses for Family Nurse Practitioners, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (Primary and Acute Care), Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse Midwives.

3. Advanced Practice Education Associates

Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) offers live NP certification review courses for Family Nurse Practitioners, Adult Nurse Practitioners, and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners. Courses last two to three days depending on specialty and are held 15 cities across the country. Included in the course are two, 100 question practice exams. Course content and practice exams do the trick when it comes to preparing NPs for the certification exam, the APEA boasts a 99 percent first-time pass rate for live course attendees. Students who do not pass the exam may take the review course again, free of charge. The cost for courses hosted by the APEA ranges from $400 to $475 depending on specialty. 

4. American Nurses Credentialing Center

The American Nurses Credentialing Center offers a few live review seminars for the nurse practitioner certification exam. Courses are available for Family Nurse Practitioners, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (Acute and Primary Care), and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. Some review courses are live in the traditional sense and take place in major cities across the country while others are delivered in a convenient webinar format. In-person review courses are between two and four days long depending on specialty. Webinars are hosted as 90 minute weekly lectures taking place over a ten week period.

If you don’t want to complete an entire ANCC review course, supplemental materials may be purchased to help your study efforts. Two, 100 question practice tests can be purchased for $115. An online Test Taking Techniques course may also be purchased for $30. 

Have you taken a nurse practitioner certification review course? Was it helpful?


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23 thoughts on “4 Best Live NP Certification Review Courses”

  1. I wasn’t sure if I needed a review course before I tested, but felt it couldn’t hurt. I took the Barkley course and couldn’t have been happier. Dr. Barkley is funny and engaging. I would recommend his course to anyone looking for a high quality review or even just a general knowledge update.

  2. I took the Barkley live review course. It was terrible and I am so sorry that I wasted all that money for the course and my travel expenses to get to it. Dr. Barkley is rude and seems more in to the showmanship of his “performance” than anything else. They blew through material extremely quickly with little detail and virtually no opportunity for questions. The great “review book” you get when you go is little more than a spiral bound list of things to know. I looks unprofessional and is not very informative. If you really want to do the Barkley review just order the audio CD’s online, they are the same thing you’ll get in the live review course, only you can pause them and you don’t have to travel to some hotel and sit in their conference room with 50-60 other people. Again, I think all of it is a huge waste of time and money! I am so regretful that I spent time going to it. I have not taken my ANCC exam yet so I am not sure how it will turn out. I have found wonderful study review books from Codina Leik and Fitzgerald. I am studying those and gathering a wealth of test taking strategies as well as a truly comprehensive and up to date review of materials that will likely be covered on my exam.

  3. The Barkley review was exceptional. He really narrowed it down. I felt very prepared taking the ANCC exam.

  4. I am wondering when the best time is to attend a live review? I graduate in December ’15, and am debating in going this summer (about 6 months prior to graduation), or waiting until I graduate. Thanks for the great list of review courses!

  5. Hi Andrea,

    It depends when you want to take the test. I would say ideally about 2 months before testing. That way, you have time to study the content covered in the review course but also don’t forget what was covered in the course. If you don’t want to delay taking the certification exam after graduation due to the timing of review course offerings, taking it earlier is OK- just take good notes!

  6. Barkley testing live review was a hoax then after that using there study guide and keep in contact with there customer service . The customers service stated if I was passing with 70s or higher on the practice online exams they provided , passing the pncb would be a sure thing. Hats all they kept saying and behold I failed. Half of the questions on the exam wasn’t even in the Barkley reveiw. May I add at the live course with Barkley they quoted ” know the book and you will pass” I recorded that class and remember that clearly. I was reciting that book in my sleep. They are a money sucking frued. I have 3 degrees and this would have been my 4 so that said I’m more then credible. Do not use them

  7. Hi Jane Doe,
    From the looks of your comment, you don’t have a very strong grasp on the English language, so maybe that is where your problem lies. Best of luck next time.

  8. Please help this nurse....

    Comments are made about Barkley but not of the other review courses offered. Due to time and distance of review courses I am looking for an online review course and wonder if I should take the Fitzgerald or APEA online course review. APEA is 475.00 for Family NP and 299.00 for Fitzgerald. Why such a price difference? I did not pass the first time. I ran out of time having 30 questions to answer in 10 minutes. I have studied Exam edge, Leik, and Fitzgerald CD’s and her book that I did not get through completely. I felt the Fitzgerald book was more indepth than what is needed for boards. Please help. Thank you for any input.

  9. I also paid Barkley lots of money and took the live seminar and online tests. Failed my test. They sent me remediation which was just the PowerPoint from the seminar.
    I’m not sure Barkely is such a great resource since I received little help from their 99% guaranteed pass rate. Maybe they need to change that pass rate percentage

  10. Hi, went to Barkley and I do think it helped focus me. My prob was that I took the test RIGHT after( I had it booked, couldn’t cancel). Had I known to wait q-3 months and study the content may have passed. Yes, lots of the program was on the exam, I just had not studied enuff. I cant blame Barkley. Anyone have ideas where to get inexpensive CEU to resubmit to take test again? Thanks

  11. DO NOT use Fitzgerald. When their online portal goes out they do not take any responsibility. Has been out for 3 days and I can’t study.

  12. Agree with other comments.
    Do NOT use Fitzgerald if you want access to their online portal.
    Complete waste of money. Customer service has no idea how to solve the problems.
    Completed live course and planned to take exam 3.5 weeks later and utilize the online component during that time. However, the online component was down during that entire time. Nobody offered me any sort of refund.

  13. I took APEA review course back in May, didn’t graduate until August took AANP exam in September and failed. I want to sit for it again as well as the ANCC. The only problem I’m having is finding material focusing on ANCC, policy, ethics, legalities, etc… If anyone has take the ANCC 2016 and passed, I would love to here from you.

  14. Well I bought the fritzgerald and hollier book and cds and study liked crazy. I did well on practice exams but took the aanp today and FAILED it. Needless to say I am now looking for the 15 contact hours to do to retest and feeling like a total failure!!!

  15. I attended the live APEA review in May 2016 and graduated in August 2016. I took the AANP exam the week after graduation. The APEA class was entertaining and informative, but the only part that I felt helped me on the AANP exam was Amelie Hollier’s mnemonic for heart murmurs. I also listened to the Barkley review CDs. However, I think I would still have failed the exam had it not been for Maria Codina Leik’s FNP review book, which I bought and crammed about 10 days before taking the exam. I had previously seen the book on Amazon, but the reviews on it were mixed and the negative reviews stated that several of her practice questions in the book gave wrong answers. However, on the advice of a classmate who had already taken and passed the AANP exam, I rented the book and studied it as much as I could. I found that the chapters hit all the important points to know for the AANP exam. I ran out of time to read the whole book and to do many of the practice questions, but I found that it helped even to memorize just the key points in the remaining chapters. As for the negative reviews stating that several answers on the practice test were wrong, I discovered that after reading the book, it was obvious which answers were incorrect and the errors did not affect my learning — in fact, they helped me to realize that I was understanding and retaining the information I had read.

  16. I HIGHLY recommend Barkley and Associates! The speakers were great and I felt well prepared. Of course you cannot go to any of these and expect for it all just to soak in by sitting there. I studied for days afterward to prepare for my boards and felt very good about the test when I sat for it. I did pass it the first time. I also had read Fitzgerald and liked the way her book was written.

  17. I took the Barkley review for FNP about one month after graduation, took the AANC about 2 1/2 months after that and passed. I thought the live review was exceptional, it helped me organize the information and he gave many helpful bits of information that I use in my practice currently. The certification exam was difficult and the questions were not simple but I believe taking the review course helped tremendously!

  18. I did the live APEA before graduation 2016 and took the FNP test 2 months later and failed. Then I regrouped my studying and used the Leik book front to back and did all the questions and rationales. I listened to Hollier’s MP3 player from beginning to end. I used some of the information from study groups to help reinforce. Also, I had completed my 15 hrs of CEU regarding my weakest category and retook my AANP test and failed again. I did not do any Board Vital or PSI question bank tests prior to either testing dates. I didn’t notify APEA about my unsuccessful testing. I know she guarantees a pass rate, so I know I need her help. Hollier is great, I know it is with me for my delay to pass. I just need some guidance. Thanks.

  19. Any current information about Fitzgerald’s online portion of the class? I am thinking of taking the live review in Jan. It is a 2-day live review and the rest of the information is online? Does anyone know what the pass rate is for their review?

  20. All of these FNP certification review programs have some great feedback from the ones who successfully passed the certification exam. I took my 45 hour Adv. Pharmacology from Barkley’s for $450, their FNP review $650 and have heard of wonderful things about Fitzgerald $550. But upon checking the price of their review course I was shocked by their pricing. I took my FNP certification review from FNP Mastery by Higher Learning Technologies for $20/mo with unlimited questions, mnemonics, multimedia, etc.
    Their review is no way easy, thought I was reviewing for Internal Medicine/Family Practice for MD certification. It somehow prepared me but also stressed me a bit more because their content is extensive, in depth, with rationale that make it more comprehensible. I took the ANCC Practice IQ online questions, not review for $115 and it wasn’t that great. Everybody seems to want more $$.
    Try it out FNP Mastery by HLT. Just sharing my personal experience paid $60 for 3 months then stopped my subscription upon passing ANCC certification yesterday July 02, 2020.
    Good luck to all. Happy 4th of July.

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