ThriveAP+ Application

If you haven’t had a chance to review the ThriveAP overview packet, please download one here. This packet will explain the difference between our two program offerings, ThriveAP and ThriveAP+.
If you have any additional questions as you consider participation in ThriveAP or ThriveAP+, don’t hesitate to contact for assistance.

How To Apply

Thank you for considering ThriveAP+.  We look forward to reviewing your application!
Admissions to the program are on a rolling basis. There is no strict deadline; however, admission is competitive and there are a limited number of spots available in the program.
The following items are required to complete the ThriveAP+ application process:
  • ThriveAP+ application (which you are reading now)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement responses
  • Official graduate school transcripts
  • Reference forms submitted by one professional and one academic reference or two professional references
Electronic transcripts, application materials and/or recommendation forms should be emailed to Any hard copy transcripts and/or recommendation forms should be mailed to:
          2817 West End Ave #126 – 402
          Nashville, TN 37203

Application Materials
Each of the following application materials must be completed to move on to the next step in the application process, the phone interview. Each of these application materials are also taken in to consideration when making acceptance decisions. Please take your time and review your application materials before submitting to better your chance of moving on to a phone interview and being accepted to the program.

All application materials aside from your online application should be submitted to
Online Application Form
Each applicant must complete the online application form (below).
Your resume will be used in the ThriveAP+ matching process.
ThriveAP+ requires two recommendations. These must be completed by one professional and one academic reference or two professional references.
We need official graduate program transcripts. Haven’t graduated? No problem, send us your unofficial transcripts for now and we can get your official copy after you graduate.
Personal Statement
This is an opportunity to communicate to ThriveAP your qualifications, interest and motivation for applying to the ThriveAP+ program. Each question should be answered honestly and completely. We do take grammar and content in to consideration when making acceptance decisions, so take your time. Please submit your written responses to
What personal, professional, educational, and clinical experiences have led you to choose a profession as an advanced practice provider? What goals are you looking to accomplish in the ThriveAP+ program? Please share your vision and planning for your short and long term career development.
Identify areas of interest in which you would like to develop increased mastery, competence or confidence during the ThriveAP+ experience. Explain how you choose these areas and why.
As a ThriveAP+ participant, you will be matched with a primary care facility. What qualities and strengths do you have that you think will contribute positively to this experience? What apprehension, concerns, and hesitations might you have?

Support and education for early career NPs & PAs

Download the ThriveAP info
packet for more information!