We redefine the way healthcare facilities build, grow and find provider talent.

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum fills the ‘skills gap’ NPs & PAs face promoting efficiency and efficacy.

Our Programs

Learn more about our 2 flagship programs

Thrive AP Plus

An employer-friendly 12-month program that helps fill the ‘skills gap’ for NPs & PAs working in the primary care setting.

    • Curriculum pairs clinical and professional development topics
    • Helps fill the knowledge gap between what providers learned in school and what they need to be successful in practice
    • 2-day hands-on skills conference paired with one year of weekly online sessions
    • 60+ CE credit hours
Thrive AP Plus

The ThriveAP curriculum program paired with a cost-effective advanced practice new hire.

    • Matches new graduate NPs & PAs with employment in the primary care setting
    • Provider agrees to work for a reduced salary the first year of employment; employing facility provides a supportive workplace environment
    • Provider participates in ThriveAP curriculum in conjunction with employment to enhance skill set

Learn how we can help move your business forward by improving and identifying the best advanced practice provider talent.


Why partner with us?

  • Promote efficiency, productivity, confidence and autonomy in underperforming or inexperienced NPs and PAs
  • Improve your ability to onboard and support new graduates
  • Increase career satisfaction, performance and ultimately improve provider retention
  • Maintain a competitive hiring presence that attracts motivated, enthusiastic providers
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What Employers are Saying

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Close the Skills Gap

Develop productive, efficient NPs & PAs through targeted education

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Improve Provider Retention

Foster a supportive practice environment with ease


Identify Talent

Attract motivated, enthusiastic NPs & PAs to your practice

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