Spring Break Getaways for NP Students That Aren’t Totally Useless

If you’re a nurse practitioner student, chances are you’re not quite in YOLO mode when it comes to Spring Break 2016 planning. The stress of midterms, squeezing in clinical hours, and somehow maintaining a semblance of an income, have Spring Break looking like more of a week full of laundry and catching up on errands. Fortunately, there are a few fun ways for nurse practitioner students to spend Spring Break that aren’t totally useless.

If you’re a NP student who could use a quick getaway, forget your at home commitments (the laundry can wait!) and check out these education meets vacation Spring Break options.

Certification Study Adventure

If you’re in the last semester of your nurse practitioner program, it’s time to start thinking about the NP certification exam. Why not road trip with a few classmates (or fly if it’s in the budget…) to a certification review course in a fun or interesting destination. Reward yourselves for participating in daytime cram sessions by splurging on a much deserved night out. Or, select a course in a location that allows for a few days downtime at the beach following classroom commitments.

Unwind with a Continuing Education Conference

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Many continuing medical education conferences offer special rates to NP students. So, why not unwind without totally checking out when it comes to your education? Select a conference that caters to your healthcare interests (and vacation style). Nurse practitioners stressed to the max may consider relaxation focused destinations such as this Women’s Health Update conference hosted at a Scottsdale, AZ spa.

Give Your Break Away by Volunteering

Medical volunteer opportunities can be an unforgettable way for nurse practitioner students to use developing skills to help underserved communities. You may opt for a volunteer trip in a faraway destination, like these overseas opportunities. Or, NP students on a budget can also find an array of options stateside.

Connect at a National Event

Connecting with a nurse practitioner community is essential for NP students. Networking will prove valuable in securing future job opportunities and for finding support throughout those tumultuous new grad years. National conferences, like the AANP’s 2016 National Conference in New Orleans, offer not only a chance to explore your healthcare interests and build upon clinical skills, but also to meet NPs and fellow nurse practitioner students.


If a Spring Break getaway isn’t in your NP student budget, don’t fret. Stay home and chillax (“loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook” according to Urban Dictionary). Set the studying aside for at least a few evenings and make time for a date night with your sig-o. Plan a fun activity with friends. Sleep in. The student life is stressful and downtime is totally warranted every once in a while.

How do you plan to spend your Spring Break?


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