5 Next Level Volunteer Opportunities for Aspiring Nurse Practitioners

If you’ve been considering ways to make yourself a more competitive nurse practitioner program applicant, volunteering has undoubtedly crossed your mind. Volunteering is an excellent way for future healthcare professionals to get a little hands-on experience not to mention boost your resume. Helping out with the purpose of improving your educational prospects is perfectly fine, but maximizing the experience by working with an organization you can be passionate about is a huge plus.

These organizations allow aspiring nurse practitioners to take the volunteer experience to the next level.

1. Technology Access Center

Ready or not, the Holiday season is here. For parents and family members of children with special needs, gifting can present a few challenges. Toys designed with small buttons or other features requiring fine motor skills aren’t practical for children with disabilities. So, the Technology Access Center steps in to help. Aspiring nurse practitioners with a construction or DIY bent will enjoy adapting battery-powered toys with new, easy to use, switches so kids of all abilities can play. The Technology Access Center is Nashville based. Look for similar organizations in your area.

2. Achilles International

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Active and athletic nurse practitioners to be will love the mission of Achilles International. Volunteers with the organization pair in training and racing endeavors with individuals who require physical assistance or guidance. From jogging alongside a blind runner and pointing potential pitfalls in the road to guiding a disabled athlete through the New York City Marathon, Achilles can use active volunteers of all running abilities. Make one of your workouts each week count.

3. GiGi’s Playhouse

Serving communities nationwide, GiGi’s Playhouse is an invaluable resource for individuals with Down syndrome. Educational and therapeutic programs are offered at no charge to families and are conducted in a format that helps those with Down syndrome learn best. From social and motor skills to reading and math, volunteers assist individuals in GiGi’s structured learning program. Volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse will certainly give your NP program application a boost but more importantly make a meaningful difference for a family.

4. Alive Hospice

Alive Hospice offers an endless number of ways for aspiring healthcare professionals to volunteer with patients at the end of life. From styling hair on inpatient units to ‘Tell Me Your Story’ where volunteers help make keepsake audio recordings of patient’s reflections on life, Alive Hospice has a niche for helpers of all kinds. What better way to give back than in life’s precious final moments?

5. Tucker’s House

Tucker’s House assists families in retrofitting their homes to accommodate children with disabilities. This way, children have a safe and functional environment where they can achieve their full potential. Home assessments are conducted by a qualified physical therapist specially trained in home modification. Volunteers help with administrative functions such as obtaining appropriate permitting as well as doing the legwork on the home reno itself. Similar home modification organizations also exist for seniors. Cool, huh?

Aspiring nurse practitioners can say goodbye to simply padding a resume instead identifying volunteer opportunities that touch on passions outside of healthcare. Where will you volunteer this year?


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