MidlevelU is Now ThriveAP

MidlevelU has changed its name to ThriveAP.

Founded in 2012 as MidlevelU, ThriveAP has become an important education and training resource for Advanced Practice Providers and their employers throughout the US. Our accredited programs, ThriveAP and ThriveAP+, are recognized for their quality, relevance, and convenience; these programs help facilitate and promote the growing impact of APPs in the delivery of healthcare.

Effective May 1, 2020, we’ve changed our name to ThriveAP.  This change reflects the growth of the company’s offerings and is in response to the increasing demand for Advanced Practice Providers. ThriveAP’s programs are focused on improving clinical and professional skillsets as well as overall performance of Advanced Practice Providers in whatever settings they practice.

Support and education for early career NPs & PAs

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