Year in Review: Favorite 2015 Blog Posts for NP Students

Here at ThriveAP headquarters, we’ve been all ears when it comes to taking blog post requests in 2015. From certification information to advice for making it through a nurse practitioner program with some sense of sanity, we’ve talked NP students for the last 12 months. I mentioned yesterday that “Best Of” lists are some of my favorite reads as we ring in the New Year. So, today we’re tallied your unsolicited votes and compiled 2015’s most read blog posts for nurse practitioner students. Here are your faves.

1. A Personal Trainer’s Advice for Avoiding Nursing School Weight Gain

So, you’ve been accepted to nursing school or an NP program. Congrats! Unfortunately, however, as with any new beginning you can expect some challenges to come your way. For many student this means putting on weight. No, the freshman 15 doesn’t only affect undergrads. Continue reading…

2. 6 Things No One Tells You About Being a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

The best way to tackle life’s transitions is to be prepared. A little practicality and foresight can help you brace for the challenges you might face. It helps you keep perspective when the $@^&#* hits the fan and you feel like giving up. Life as a new grad nurse practitioner won’t be easy. But, thinking through the coming months realistically will help you weather the storm. Here are a few truths to keep in mind. Continue reading…

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3. How Do Pass Rates on the ANCC and AANP Exams Compare? 

If you are deciding between the ANCC and AANP nurse practitioner certification exams, looking at past national pass rates for each exam is a natural way to compare the two. This can help you predict your own likelihood for passing the test and help you make a decision when it comes to signing up for a certification exam. Continue reading…

4. 4 Things I Wish I Learned in My NP Clinical Rotations

Looking back on life as a nurse practitioner student from the perspective of a now experienced NP makes me wish I’d done a few things differently during my time in school. I’m not taking about major regrets here, but rather a few small adjustments that would have created a smoother transition to practice. The most crucial of these? Making the most of my clinical experience. Continue reading…

5. Body Language Hacks for New Grad Nurse Practitioners

Making a few small changes to your body language can revolutionize your interactions with others. It instills confidence in your words translating into more professional opportunities. For new graduate nurse practitioners, whether applying for a job or interacting with those first few patients independently, brushing up your body language can make a huge difference in the outcome of these interactions. Here are a few tricks for tweaking your body language. Continue reading…

6. F.A.Q.’s About Becoming an Emergency Nurse Practitioner

As a nurse practitioner in the emergency department I get asked a lot of questions about my job and my career path because, well, my job is pretty freakin’ sweet. Yes, it is a job. But, when it comes to working, life as an ER NP is a pretty good gig. There is a lot of confusion in the nurse practitioner community about how to land a position working in the emergency department and what this process looks like. So, today I’ll address some frequently asked questions to help clarify the confusion. Continue reading…

7. The Nurse Practitioner Licensing Process in a Nutshell

I vividly recall sitting in a lecture hall in my nurse practitioner program in a plastic, too-small seat sandwiched between two classmates when I first heard of the NP licensing process. Suddenly, my personal space wasn’t the only thing feeling cramped. The ins and outs of certification, applying for a license and a DEA number all in a specific order while simultaneously conducting a job search seemed overwhelming.

Once I took a step back and digested the material, the process appeared manageable but still tricky. I remember wishing someone had given me a simple roadmap outlining the NP licensing and certification process so I could have avoided my initial freak out. So, here’s yours. Continue reading…

8. 3 Ways NP Programs Should Be More Like PA Programs

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants work in very similar settings and in many cases are even used interchangeably. In the emergency department where I work, for example, NPs and PAs are hired for the same positions without a preference among management for one over the other. Although these medical providers work alongside each other performing the same job responsibilities and with similar scopes of practice, there are a few ways the nurse practitioner and physician assistant education looks different. Continue reading…

9. Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Nurse Practitioner Students

I’ve previously covered the top time-saving tactics I use as a nurse practitioner. NP students gave a “What about us?!” response. It’s true, my top time-savers require some disposable income and may not be financially savvy moves for nurse practitioner students. So, in the interest of living on a student budget, here are a few hacks I found useful for maximizing my time in my life as an NP student. Continue reading…

What topics you like to see us cover for nurse practitioner students in 2016?


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