Which States Offer NPs the Most Bang for Their Buck?

The average salary for nurse practitioners varies significantly by state.  From New York where the average NP salary is $114,000 to Hawaii with an average NP salary below $70,000, where you live significantly affects your pay.  Considering average salary along with cost of living makes some states more attractive than others when it comes to lifestyle for nurse practitioners.  Which states fare best?

Three states stand out above the rest when looking at nurse practitioner salaries compared to cost of living.  Affordable home prices and even groceries make these states winners when it comes quality of life.  Most states with low costs of living have lower corresponding salaries for NP’s, however these three states pay nurse practitioners above average salaries offering unmatched income opportunities for NP’s.

1. Mississippi

Mississippi tops the list of states where nurse practitioners get the most bang for their buck.  NP’s living in the Magnolia State earn on average $113,000 a year, the 2nd highest average state NP salary in the country.  Mississippi also ranks as the state with the 10th cheapest cost of living.  The average home price in Jackson, MS for example is just $248,167.  With high salaries and a low cost of living, Mississippi is a good pick for NP’s.

2. Indiana

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Awarded the 6th cheapest cost of living rank, Indiana’s average nurse practitioner salary remains high.  NP’s practicing in Indiana can expect to earn on average $97,000 a year, tied for the 11th highest NP salary in the country.  With home prices in the Hoosier State at just over $284,000, life is more than affordable for nurse practitioners practicing in Indiana.

3. Arkansas

Nurse practitioners can expect to earn on average $96,000 a year in Arkansas, the state with the 7th lowest cost of living.  Home prices in Arkansas average just $301,250 making the state an affordable place to live for NP’s.  As an added bonus, scope of practice laws for nurse practitioners practicing in Arkansas are more favorable than in our top two picks.

How does the average NP salary match up with cost of living in your state?


1 thought on “Which States Offer NPs the Most Bang for Their Buck?”

  1. It would be interesting to know the specialty breakdown for the NPs in Mississippi. When CRNA’s are thrown into the mix, the median and average income is skewed.

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