Which Region of the U.S. Has the Highest PA Salary?

If you’re a physician assistant or thinking about becoming one, salary is undoubtedly a major consideration in your career choices. The setting, specialty and geographic location where you practice all make a difference in how much you’ll earn. While practicing as a PA isn’t all about the Benjamin’s, its important to make sure you’re being paid appropriately for the work you do. Not to mention, you’ve probably got some student loan debt to pay off. So, in which region of the country do physician assistants earn the most?

Using salary data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we looked at the average PA salary for each of the 50 states and calculated the average physician assistant compensation by region. PAs practicing in the West came out on top with an average salary of $109,499. Physician assistants practicing in the South are paid the lowest with an average salary of $95,492, a difference of just over $14,000. 

While physician assistant salaries do vary by region, PAs must not forget to take cost of living into account as this determines what your paycheck affords you where you live. Physician assistants working in certain settings or specialties may find that they earn well above average (or below average) compared with regional data. 

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How does your salary compare to these regional averages for PAs?


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