Geographic location makes a big difference when it comes to your nurse practitioner paycheck. In areas with a high cost of living and/or high demand for NPs, nurse practitioners can expect to earn well into the six-figure salary range. In other locations where demand for NPs is lower or places with a low cost of living, average NP salaries may be below the $100K mark. If you’re looking to maximize your earning potential as a nurse practitioner, whats the best area of the country to live in?

We checked out nurse practitioner salary data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for each of the 50 states and calculted the average NP salary by region. Congrats, if you live in the West, you’re earning top dollar as a nurse practitioner with an average regional salary of $113,310. NPs practicing in the South earn the least, with an average annual salary for the region sitting at $110,766.

Overall, salaries for nurse practitioners vary across regions of the United States by less than $13,000. So, no matter where you choose to take your career, NPs can expect excellent earning potential. 

How do nurse practitioner salaries in your geographic area compare to these regional averages?


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