After you complete your nurse practitioner degree program, in most states you will need to take a national certification exam before you are eligible to practice.  As we have mentioned in earlier posts, you should be thinking about this exam from the beginning of your nurse practitioner education as passing the exam is essential to your ability to be employed as a NP.  Which schools have the highest pass rates on the national certification exam?  We asked 200 schools for their national certification pass rates and have listed responses below.  Please note that many schools did not respond or refused to release their pass rates to us.  As a reference, on the AANP certification exam in 2011, 89.3% of FNP graduates, 80.7% of ANP graduates and 88.3% of GNP graduates passed their respective national certification exams. Interested in information for a school not listed?  Let us know and we will try to get this information for you.

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