Happy Friday! What’s on your agenda for the weekend? With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I anticipate you’re making travel plans or grocery shopping to feed a crowd next week. Fortunately, I think I’m off duty when it comes to cooking this year. Rather, you’ll find me eating stuffing straight from the pan. If you could use a distraction from holiday chores, cooking, and cleaning, check out this week’s latest health news stories. 

‘Uncombable hair’ genes discovered in a new study. For people with uncombable hair syndrome, taming tresses is truly a problem. The condition in which the hair shaft is abnormally shaped results in frizzy, dry, and disordered hair. Scientists have now identified the genes responsible for the inconvenient condition.

Kim Kardashian’s got placenta problems. TMI?

Why stressed men prefer larger women. According to the results of a new study, as men’s stress levels rise, so does their weight preference when it comes to a mate. Authors suspect this is because women who appear heavier are better able to survive tough times. 

A dying teen in the U.K. wins the right to be cryogenically frozen. The 14 year-old girl wanted to have her body preserved in hopes that scientists could one day bring her back to life to cure her illness. For $46,000, a long-term cryogenic storage facility in the U.S. realized her wish. 

15 foods that don’t expire for years…despite what the label says

Never forget an insulin shot. Type I diabetic John Sjolund’s company created the new Timesulin insulin pen to help keep patients on track. The device records the amount of time between injections as well as the dose and temperature of the medication to help patients deliver insulin with accuracy. 

Americans pick healthcare as the top issue they want Trump to focus on in his first days at the White House. 

Happy turkey day! Avoid these common health perils of the Thanksgiving holiday.


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