Happy Veterans Day weekend! A big ‘thank you’ to those out there who have served our country in the military, including a few members of my own family. It seems appropriate that we’re wrapping up election week by recognizing the individuals who protect our freedom. What plans do you have for the long weekend? If you find yourself with some downtime, check out this week’s health news. 

Veterans battle the invisible scars of war with art. Creative expression eases the symptoms of PTSD, and Congress is supporting the movement. A recent budget measure allots more funding to art therapy sites for vets.

Hey baby, meet peanuts. New research indicates that introducing the food at around four to six months of age could reduce babies’ risk of becoming allergic to the legumes. Parents are instructed to add hot water to peanut butter, making a warm puree, and feed it to infants reducing the risk of allergy to the feared food. 

3 major health problems that disproportionately affect vets

Unanticipated election consequence – women rush to get long-acting birth control. Fears over the future of Obamacare provisions after the Trump victory have women are clamoring to get IUDs while they’re covered. 

Birth year and childhood influenza predict immunity in adulthood. Should an influenza pandemic occur, we may be able to predict survival based on these two factors. 

6 public health victories from the election you might have missed. One Florida county voted to battle Zika with GMO mosquitos. Residents of three more states will have access to medical marijuana. Terminally ill adults in Colorado will have more options at the end of their lives…and more. 

A 70-year-old veteran could barely walk 10 feet – until this dog entered his life

Why the latest cancer drugs may not be as successful as they seem. Critics of pharmaceutical companies say that the way drugs are developed and tested are questionable, yielding inaccurate data. 

Licorice may reduce fertility. Published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, one study found that exposure to a compound in licorice root reduces the expression of genes related to the production of sex hormones, causing a decrease in estrogen production. 

Zika vaccines grow more promising.

This new sensor measures glucose in eye tears for integration into contact lenses. Scientists who developed the product hope that it may one day be used for noninvasive glucometry. 

‘Xtreme Eating’ Awards 2016. 9 Restaurant dishes deemed the worst of the worst. 

Happy weekend! Hug a Vet!


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