Happy Friday! How was your week? The past few days have coasted by, beautiful fall weather adding an element of contentment to the work week. My kitchen is overflowing with ingredients for baked goods I committed to prepare for an upcoming Halloween party. I’m currently regretting the moment I decided to peruse Pinterest for dessert ideas rather than simply purchase cupcakes from the grocery store. Oh well. I may not have a costume, but I will certainly have candy. What are you up to this weekend?

If you could use some reading material to get you through the remaining hours of the work day, check out this week’s medical news on the lighter side. 

What’s up with all the teal pumpkins? The Teal Pumpkin Project, now in its third year, is helping kids with allergies enjoy Halloween. Homes with teal-painted pumpkins on the front porch hand out non-food treats like stickers and glow sticks. 

Nevada is the worst state for people with mental health challenges, according to a recent report. See how your state ranked in Mental Health America’s assessment. 

Does the flu provide better immunity than the flu shot? Well, yes. While getting influenza itself can provide much stronger immunity than the vaccine, having the illness can be dangerous, and doesn’t cause the body to develop immunity to the same number of strains of the virus. 

The worst Halloween candies for teeth. 

Pediatricians release new guidelines for preventing sudden infant death. The American Academy of Pediatrics now suggests keeping a child’s crib in the same room as parents, close to their bed. 

It’s official. Or, is it? Cranberries are no help for urinary tract infections, a new study says. The research adds to decades of conflicting evidence. 

Pigs at fairs give more than a dozen children a new type of swine flu. The kids were sickened after coming in contact with livestock at agricultural fairs in Michigan and Ohio. 

Hookworms could help treat asthma. An anti-inflammatory protein secreted by the intestinal parasite was shown to curb airway inflammation in a mouse model of asthma. 

Mindful enjoyment of Halloween chocolate may improve mood. We agree.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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