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Happy Weekend! What are you up to? This weekend has been pretty standard, balancing chores, relaxing, and a few social activities. All in all, I can’t complain about how the last few days have gone. Although I do have to say, I’m not quite ready for Monday to arrive. If you could use some reading material to entertain you in this weekend’s remaining hours, check out the following health news stories. 

World’s first baby born with DNA from three parents. The 5-month-old, bon to Jordanian parents, was conceived with the help of a controversial technique that allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies. 

This year’s flu shot recommendations include one major change. Say goodbye to the nasal spray vaccine for the 2016-2017 season. The intranasal vaccine has been discontinued after concerns about its efficacy. 

What’s average? Size 16 is the new normal for U.S. women, according to recent research. 

Stop asking candidates to release their medical records, pleas one reporter. The author notes that two of our best presidents have been ill, and yet others have died unexpectedly of infection. 

A new study shows that contraceptives are tied to depression risk. Danish researchers studied more than one million women. Compared with nonusers, users of hormonal contraception had an 80 percent increased risk of depression. Progestin-only pills doubled the risk of depression, while risk tripled with those who used the levonorgestrel IUD (Mirena). 

A novel new way to suture. This device requires just one hand to operate, and may save a lot of time in the OR. 

Why drug prices in America are so high. This article explains why the cost of drugs is soaring in our country. 

The truth about people who brag they don’t need much sleep. A new study suggests that some people may indeed function better on less sleep, but they also may be more tired than they realize. In fact, they may be falling asleep during the day without even realizing it. 

Zika mystery – how did a 73-year-old man infect his son? It’s unclear how an elderly man who fell violently ill from the virus spread the disease to his son living in Utah. Researchers suspect the virus may be spread through sweat or tears in addition to mosquitoes and sex. 

The debate over water fluoridation lives on. Proponents of fluoridation argue the health measure prevents tooth decay. Opponents argue fluoride intake is related to ADHD and potential toxicity, as well as is an environmental pollutant. Currently, about 74 percent of the U.S. population receives fluoridated water from community water systems. 

Alcohol and antidepressants have the same effects on the brain. That’s why, after a long day at work, a drink or two can boost a sour mood. 

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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