We Be Jammin! The Playlist for Nurse Practitioners

What’s on your playlist this summer? Living in the south, I always revert back to my old country faves for the summer. Heat and humidity, grilling at the lake, catching fireflies, and Garth Brooks go together perfectly. My workout playlist kicks it up a notch- there’s nothing like Eminem to motivate me for that one last push-up. And when it comes to music at work? I’m still searching for the perfect pairing.

So, I thought I might start my quest for the ideal emergency department mix with some songs about nurses.

1. Night Nurse 

The Artist: Gregory Isaacs

The Nursing Lyrics: “Night nurse, only you can quench this here thirst, my night nurse, oh gosh, the pain is getting worse, I don’t wanna see no doc, I need attendance from my nurse around the clock, for there’s no prescription for me, she is the one, the only remedy”

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2. The Nurse Who Loved Me

The Artist: A Perfect Circle

The Nursing Lyrics: “I’m taking her home with me all dressed in white, she’s got everything I need some pills in a cup, she’s falling hard for me I can see it in her eyes, she acts like a nurse with all the other guys”

3. I Wanna Be Sedated

The Artist: The Ramones

The Nursing Lyrics: “Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I go insane, I can’t control my fingers I can’t control my brain, Oh no no no no no, twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated”

4. Waiting Room

The Artist: Fugazi

The Nursing Lyrics: “I am a patient boy, I wait I wait I wait I wait, my time is like water down a drain, everybody’s moving, everybody’s moving, please don’t let me remain, in the waiting room”

5. Dr. Robert

The Artist: The Beatles

The Nursing Lyrics: “Ring my friend, I said you call Doctor Robert, day or night he’ll be there anytime at all, Doctor Robert, Doctor Robert you’re a new and better man, he helps you understand, he does everything he can, Doctor Robert”

6. Bad Medicine

The Artist: Bon Jovi

The Nursing Lyrics: “I don’t need no needle to be giving me a thrill, and I don’t need anesthesia or a nurse o bring a pill, I got a dirty down addiction, it doesn’t leave a track, I got a jones for your affection, like a monkey on my back, there ain’t no paramedic gonna save me from this heart attack”

7. Doctors Orders

The Artist: Carol Douglas

The Nursing Lyrics: “Hello, hiya honey, it’s me I want to see the doctor today, ‘cos ever since you’ve been gone I’ve had a pain down deep inside, he said there’s nothing really wrong with me, I’m just missing my man, so honey, please, come home as soon as you can”

8. Hospital

The Artist: Counting Crows

The Nursing Lyrics: “Hospital bound, so you know there will be treatment, hey alright, in a hospital room tonight, hospital gowns, so you know you should be sleepin’, wide awake, there’s some pills that I shouldn’t take”

9. Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine

The Artist: White Stripes

The Nursing Lyrics: “Girl, you have no faith in medicine, acetaminophen, you see the medicine, girl, you have no faith in medicine, is there a way to find a cure for this, implanted in a pill? Is it just the name upon the bottle that determines if it will?”

What’s on your NP playlist?


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