We’ve moved! ThriveAP has officially moved into a new office space. The transition has been a positive change – we’ve got more room that’s better suited to our team’s growing needs. And, an excuse to redecorate – what more could you ask for?! Staying true to our healthcare roots, we’re weaving medical decor into our new digs. In the process of getting our new headquarters in order, we discovered some cool vintage medical posters you might want for your office, too (we did avoid the STI-related selections!). If you could stand to freshen up your office, create a gallery wall with a few of these picks. 



1. Milk for Summer Thirst 

A product of 1940’s Cleveland Division of Health, this throwback promotes milk as a healthy thirst quencher. 

2. Pneumonia Strikes 

In contrast to current times, in 1937, this Federal Art Project poster encouraged New York’s public to seek medical treatment for the common cold. 

3. Expecting? Get the Right Advice 

Perfect for a women’s health clinic, this pick encourages pregnant women to get medical care circa 1938. 

4. Be Wise Don’t Play With Firecrackers 

The New York Department of Health warns against the dangers of firecrackers. Produced in 1936-1937, this work was part of the New York City Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project. 

5. Be Clean in Everything That Concerns Your Baby 

This Rochester, NY creation by Erik Hans Krause promotes cleanliness and childcare. 

6. Just a Scratch 

Created for the Illinois Safety Division between 1936 and 1941, this poster encourages prompt attention for on-the-job injuries. 

7. Milk for Warmth 

A Cleveland classic, this 1941 Division of Health poster endorses milk as an energy food. 

8. Regular Check Ups: Keep Him on the Job 

This 1942 World War II era poster seeks to keep the U.S. workforce healthy by encouraging routine preventative care. 

9. Balanced Diet for the Expectant Mother 

Promoting prenatal healthcare, this 1936 poster advertises healthy eating. 

10. Keep Your Teeth Clean 

Oral hygiene is linked closely to health. This 1938 poster encourages proper dental care. 


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