Whenever I’m asked to do a segment on Fox News, it always involves some sort of a mad rush to the airport or studio. In a flurry of activity, I rework dentist appointments, meetings, and scheduled workout classes into other spots in my schedule. It’s hard to plan ahead for breaking news. Once schedules are set, I address the age old question-what to wear on TV?

By the time I’ve chomped down a salad for lunch, repaired a chipped manicure, packed, and made a beeline for the Nashville airport, I often forget to let you all know to watch my upcoming segment! Airline wifi coverage is quite spotty. So, today I’ve decided to post my favorite news hits from the past month. February afforded me a bit of a break in my NYC travel schedule as snow and ice kept planes in both Nashville and New York grounded at times, but I still fit in a few good shoots. Here are my faves.

Dishing On the Measles Outbreak with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

That’s my serious face. Very early in the morning.


Offering an NP’s Perspective on the UCLA CRE Bacteria Outbreak with Cavuto

I know you find CRE alarming, too.


American’s Financial Stresses Take a Toll on Their Health- Teaching Cavuto to Cope

He’d better take my advice!

I anticipate March will pass by media-free as I am taking some time to work on some super secret ThriveAP activities. In the meantime, this February recap will have to do! I look forward to being back in New York with the Fox News team shortly!

What other topics would you like to see nurse practitioners discuss on the news?


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