Totally Awesome T-Shirts for Nurse Practitioners

Nerdy as it may seem, I totally fall for products marketed to science geeks, medical providers, and those geared toward my other random hobbies. My favorite gym tee sports the graphic of an apple wearing a sweatband captioned with the words “Wokin’ My Core“. I can’t help but smile a little every time I throw it on before my morning workout. I shy away from wearing graphic tees everywhere I go, but the occasional comical getup definitely lightens my mood.

So, I have searched far and wide picking out a few funny tees for nurse practitioners. Presenting my top pics.


My Gut, My Choice 

Ahh, the all to familiar battle between gut microbes and pill poppers. With the help of probiotics, will your digestive system prevail? The only un-funny thing about this tee is that it leads to thoughts of C. diff.

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That’s General Anesthesia to You!

The perfect gift for the CRNA in your life, this tee takes sleep seriously.


Anatomy Jokes are Cornea

A playful pun makes the “Anatomy Jokes are Cornea” t-shirt a must-have for the nerdy nurse.


I Find this Humerus

incorporate your love of medicine and laughs into your next workout with the “I find this humerus” muscle tee.


Eat. Sleep. Nurse. 

Yep, this tee pretty much sums of the life of a nurse practitioner. Especially one working night shift.


Hugs Keep Us Alive

A subtle anatomy lesson, the Hugs Keep Us Alive tee also serves as a shout out to working together.


Organs Tee

A more anatomically correct version of my prior pick, the Organs Tee gives an up close view of trunk anatomy. Not to mention, the color palate is oh so perfect.


Real Men Marry Nurses

It’s never too early to start ‘stocking up’ on stocking stuffers. This tee makes the ideal holiday gift for an NP hubby.


Working Off My Adipose

Sweat it out while showing off your anatomy know how with this trendy tee.


Which medical tee will you wear?


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