Top NCLEX Preparation Apps

By ThriveAP Intern and BSN in Progress Olivia DeFilippo

I am willing to bet that every nursing student has had reoccurring nightmares of failing the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). The nursing professors at my school are constantly telling students that every class and test we take is helping to prepare us for this exam. However, at the end of the day, most of us still wake up sweating from a bad dream involving the NCLEX. Fortunately for us, there are now countless apps that are made for NCLEX preparation. The key is choosing the right app for you.

There are certain criteria you should consider when choosing the best NCLEX preparation app for your needs.

1. App Creator

You will want to make sure whichever app you select contains accurate information and answers to questions. Research the company who created the app to ensure that they are indeed reputable. If the app is created by a nurse, you should verify his/ her qualifications and credentials.

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2. Look at the app’s reviews

Reviews are helpful as they can tell you if the app is user-friendly, if there are hidden costs, additional purchases you are required to make, or if it contains correct information and answers to questions. If you are spending your hard earned cash on an app, you will want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

3. Check to see when the app was last updated

You do not want to find yourself studying from an app with information that is based on theNCLEX from 1999. Technology, test content, and information change constantly, so you must make sure that your resources are up to date. I have been researching what seems like hundreds of NCLEX apps and I have found two which I would recommend to other nursing students.

Please keep in mind that each nursing student has different strengths and weaknesses and that no two apps are the same. Certain apps might have information that you have already mastered and if so you would be better served by using an app that focuses more on your areas of need.

1. NCLEX RN Mastery

This is a free app licensed by Higher Learning Technologies and created by nursing professors and professionals. In the description of the app a phone number and e-mail address are provided should you have any questions or the desire to contact creators. This app is based on the content of past NCLEX questions and serves as a study aid you can use either at home or on the go. There are 1600 digital flashcards with rationales and pictures along with 350 pharmacology questions. You can study the flashcards or take practice quizzes with a convenient built-in timer. After you take the quizzes you can access statistics on your strengths and weaknesses thus indicating exactly what material you should set your focus upon. Additionally, this app gives test taking and study strategies.

2. ATI RN Mentor-NCLEX Exam Preparation

This is another app that I have found to be very useful when studying for the NCLEX. This app costs $19.99 and is based on the 2013 NCLEX RN test plan. It includes over 800 NCLEX questions covering a variety of topics organized by NCLEX area, body system, and clinical topic. Within each topic, there are multiple subtopics which cover other potential NCLEX material. When using this app, you can generate random quizzes or create your own custom quizzes tailored to your areas of weakness. You can also share your quiz results and review previous quizzes you have taken. Additionally, you can engage in student-led discussion on specific questions within the app.

Whatever your preferred method of preparation for the NCLEX, you must be committed to put in time, work and effort to pass. Remember to stay focused, and at all times keep your eye on the prize.

Best of luck in your NCLEX prep!

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