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Sorry, guys. It has been brought to my attention by a male reader that ThriveAP content is skewed toward the fairer sex. I admit, its true. Given my natural bent towards all things female, I tend write about NPs and planning for pregnancy, the best maternity scrubs, and must-have women’s lab coats. So, men, today’s your day. Presenting a post devoted entirely to men’s workplace fashion…

Healthcare wear is not flattering on women, and the situation isn’t any better for men. In my search for the top men’s lab coats out there- the ones that still allow a glimpse of a chiseled figure, that aren’t too long or too short, and that will stand up to the rigors that we as healthcare providers place on our wardrobes, the list of worthy candidates wasn’t a long one. But, thankfully for guys there are a few good options when it comes to choosing a lob coat. If your coat could use an upgrade, consider purchasing one of these picks.

1. Carhartt Men’s 6-Pocket Lab Coat

Are you a man’s man, a dude’s dude, and a guy’s guy? Do you work 12 hour shifts solely for the purpose of additional weekdays off for hunting, fishing, and otherwise being outdoors? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Carhartt has the lab coat for you. Known for creating the only toughest workwear (I mean, the brand even sells flame-resistant clothing), Carhartt has brought it’s durable, quality clothing to healthcare. This might just be the manliest lab coat on the market.


2. Medelita Laennec iPad Lab Coat

If it’s a sleek, professional look you seek, search no further than Medelita’s Laennec iPad Lab Coat. The jacket looks like a blazer and is designed in the most classic of fashions. Medelita’s signature fabrics leave the coat bright white and stain-free wash after wash so you can maintain your polished appearance.


3. Grey’s Anatomy Men’s Tablet Pocket Lab Coat

Whether you’re hoping to look like the show’s McDreamy, or simply trying to find a well fitting yet functional lab coat, Greys Anatomy brand Men’s Tablet Pocket Lab Coat is an excellent option. Complete with 6 convenient pockets, this coat fits all your gadgets including an iPad. With two lengths to choose from, 37 or 41 inch, Grey’s Anatomy allows you to customize this lab coat to fit your style.


4. Landau Bioshield Men’s Antimicrobial Lab Coat

You know the feeling you get after you’ve seen the first ten or so patients of your shift? The unavoidable contaminated sensation that comes when you realize how many hands you have already shaken in a single morning and contemplate the number of germs, dirt, and who knows what else that has crept its way onto your hands and inevitably your clothing? Landau has come up with a solution for the microbe-filled life of nurse practitioners. The Bioshield Men’s Antimicrobial Lab Coat enlists a new technology that acts as a barrier against bacteria for the life of the garment. Now that’s an invention I can get behind.


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