Top 5 Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Completing your nurse practitioner program online can save you time, money and offers you increased flexibility in your education.  Are you a working mom?  Changing careers?  An online NP program may be right for you.  Which program should you choose?

1. Georgetown University– Georgetown University boasts an excellent online nurse practitioner program offering flexible education options for Family Nurse Practitioners, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioners and Acute Care Nurse Practitioners.  The program can be completed in just 1 1/2 years online.  100% of Georgetown University’s nurse practitioner graduates pass the national certification exam after graduation and 100% of graduates find employment as a nurse practitioner within six months of graduation.  Excellent.  FNP Student Melissa Pridemore states she “likes the flexibility of the program” and that it is “very state of the art.”

2. The Ohio State University-The Ohio State University offers Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner programs online.  100% of graduates from these programs pass the national nurse practitioner certification exam following graduation.  The Ohio State University also offers career services for graduates, a rare find among nurse practitioner programs.  The career services office assists students in resume development, mock interviews, salary negotiation and overall career strategy.  This sounds like an invaluable resource!  Recently, The Ohio State University began an online DNP program featuring both Clinical Expert and Nurse Executive tracks.  These programs teach students to navigate the complexities of the health care system preparing them for leadership roles.

3. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs– Beth-El School of Nursing at University of Colorado Colorado Springs allow students to complete either the Family Nurse Practitioner or Adult Nurse Practitioner program completely online.  100% of nurse practitioner graduates from UCCS pass the national certification exam on comlpetion of the program and 100% have jobs as nurse practitioners within six months of graduation.  The school of nursing’s website could use some updating and does not offer extensive information about the program, but if you have questions, contact Diane Busch (, she has been a great resource for us in the past.

4. Gonzaga University– Gonzaga University offers Family Nurse Practitioner and Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner programs online.  Occasional on campus visits are required.  Graduates of Gonzaga’s nurse practitioner programs have excellent things to say about their education.  Gretchen Fowell, an MSN graduate, states “Gonzaga offers a high quality, reputable graduate nursing program with the convenience of distance learning.  I was able to be prepared as a family nurse practitioner [in Washington] and continue to work and live at home in Montanta.  Gonzaga was well worth the financial and time commitments.”

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5. Samford University– The Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing at Samford University allows FNP students to complete a family nurse practitioner degree online in 18-24 months.  Three, four day long on-campus sessions are required.  100% of FNP graduates from Samford’s program pass the national certification upon graduation from the program.  100% of Samford’s FNP graduates are also employed as nurse practitioners within six months of graduation.  For more information on this program, contact Director of Graduate Student Services Ms. Marion Carter (mwcarter@samfordedu).

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