Top 5 Master’s in Holistic Nursing Programs

Going green, natural and organic is quite trendy these days.  Consuming unprocessed foods, using chemical-free cleaning products and going gluten-free are all the rage.  While I don’t agree with all of the hype surrounding these practices, there’s a lot to be said for a more natural lifestyle.  The same principles can be applied the world of medicine.

If you’re like me, you get tired of caring for patients taking medication after medication for aches, pains and chronic diseases.  The ultimate cure for their problems, a healthier lifestyle, seems so obvious.  If prescribing an endless stream of medications and approaching illness in the traditional medical manner is growing weary or simply doesn’t jive with your personal practices, perhaps becoming a holistic nurse practitioner is a career move worth considering.

While universities don’t traditionally offer holistic nurse practitioner programs allowing graduates to practice as certified NP’s, there are a few master’s level holistic nursing programs out there.  These programs can serve as an addition to your nurse practitioner degree helping you take a more wholesome approach to your practice.  Or, if you are not already a nurse practitioner, a master’s degree in holistic nursing can still give your career a more natural bent.

Which programs are best for students looking for a master’s level education in holistic nursing?

1. New York University College of Nursing

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NYU takes a unique approach towards students seeking a degree in holistic nursing.  The university offers a three course sequence including 350 clinical hours in holistic nursing called a “specialty sequence“.  Students may add these courses to their selected nurse practitioner program.  For example, students enrolled in NYU’s family nurse practitioner program may elect to complete the specialty sequence in holistic nursing as an addendum to their FNP education.  While this path doesn’t confer a holistic-specific degree, it does allow students to integrate a holistic focus into their nurse practitioner program of choice.

2. Tennessee State University Division of Nursing

One of the few true MSN programs in holistic nursing, Tennessee State University offers a flexible, online program designed for working nurses.  Registered nurses may enroll in the program on a part-time or full-time basis.  Part-time students usually complete the program in six semesters.  It is important to note that while completing TSU’s program does confer an MSN degree, graduates of the program are not eligible to practice as nurse practitioners.

Students already holding a master’s degree in nursing may enroll in TSU’s holistic nursing program on a post-graduate basis and are awarded a holistic nursing certificate upon graduation.  The holistic nursing post-graduate certificate requires that students complete 14 credit hours of online coursework.

3. Florida Atlantic University College of Nursing 

Similarly to Tennessee State University, Florida Atlantic University offers a master’s degree in holistic nursing.  The program is offered online in both part-time and full-time formats.  While graduates of the program do earn an MSN, they do are not able to practice in the nurse practitioner role.  Students who have already achieved a master’s degree in nursing are eligible to complete Florida Atlantic’s holistic nursing program on a post-graduate basis earning a post-master’s certificate in holistic nursing.

4. The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing

The College of New Rochelle in New York offers an on-campus master’s level holistic nursing program.  Students in this program complete 40 credit hours of coursework as well as 630 clinical hours.  A post-master’s certificate in holistic nursing is also offered for students already holding a master’s degree in nursing seeking advanced specialization in holistic care.  The post-master’s certificate program requires 14 hours of coursework and 300 clinical hours.

5. University of Colorado Colorado Springs Beth-El College of Nursing

Although the University of Colorado Colorado Springs does not offer a true master’s degree in holistic nursing, the school does offer a graduate certificate in holistic nursing.  Students holding a master’s degree in nursing may add a holistic focus to their previous education by completing three holistic nursing courses.  A certificate in holistic nursing is conferred upon graduation.

Are you considering completing a master’s degree or post-master’s certificate in holistic nursing?  Which program will you attend?


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Master’s in Holistic Nursing Programs”

  1. Can a MSN-FNP-C practice legally in holistic/alternative medicine without holistic certification or formal training? For instance, utilize IV vitamin therapy to treat chronic complaints such as fatigue, insomnia, colds, flu…

  2. Hi Lori,

    Yes, as long as an NP is trained/competent in this and there aren’t any state laws (I’m not aware of any) to the contrary, an NP can give/prescribe IV vitamin infusions. You must make sure that if there are physician collaboration/supervision laws in your state that you comply with these regulations as well. 

  3. Is there a program that is totally geared for masters in holistic nursing. I do not want to go through a MSN program and then continue with the holistic certification afterwards.

  4. Deidre Hamilton

    I have a BSN, want to obtain a MSN asap, retiring from the state of TN public health job soon, and plan to open my own holistic consulting business.

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