Top 3 Reasons You Should Apply to the ThriveAP+ Nurse Practitioner Residency

If you are have graduated, or are graduating from a nurse practitioner program in 2017, it’s not too early to start thinking about the next steps in your career. Where will you find a job? How will you get the support you need as an inexperienced provider in your new position?

Nurse practitioner programs do a great job of giving NPs the foundation they need to enter clinical practice. But, it’s impossible to cram all the medical knowledge one needs to be successful into a single program. As a result of this fact, many new nurse practitioners find themselves frustrated in their first jobs. They may not have the support required, such as a more experienced mentor, to answer questions that arise throughout the workday. This leaves new grads feeling lost, frustrated, and doubting their career choices.

As a nurse practitioner myself, I had a similar experience. My first year of practice was extremely difficult. I felt I wasn’t meeting the expectations of my employer. My workplace didn’t provide the structure and support I needed along the way. Other nurse practitioners I talk with feel similarly.

Given the prevalence of this challenge among new grad NPs, here at ThriveAP we created a residency-like program, ThriveAP+, to facilitate this transition from education to practice. ThriveAP+ identifies supportive facilities that are willing to help support NPs in the first years of practice. It also ensures that as a nurse practitioner, your efforts will not be in vain. ThriveAP+ matches less experienced NPs with facilities serving medically underserved populations to ensure your work with patients has maximum impact.

Still not convinced you should apply to ThriveAP+? Here are the top three reasons current participants recommend the program.

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1. Build a Clinical and Professional Foundation 

The majority of nurse practitioner students graduate with a significant amount of anxiety. Will they have what it takes when they enter practice, no longer seeing patients under the watchful eye of a clinical preceptor? ThriveAP+ allows new NPs to practice in a setting with expectations in line with what new grads can handle, and supports the NP in the journey to autonomy. An experienced provider will be there, and willing, to help as needed.

Not only will nurse practitioners participating in ThriveAP+ work in a supported environment, ThriveAP also helps NPs continue learning with weekly conference sessions. Participants can expect to grow in their knowledge of healthcare, both clinically and professionally, helping build a solid foundation for the rest of their careers.

2. Make a Difference by Taking a Risk

While submitting an application for ThriveAP+ may seem like a risk, rest assured that you do have the ultimate say in where you are matched. Nurse practitioners who are open to taking a chance on an opportunity they might not normally have considered, however, are finding themselves exposed to learning opportunities they never expected.

Taking a risk by participating in ThriveAP+ allows to to truly fulfill your vision of helping people in your nurse practitioner career. This service learning opportunity matches NPs with facilities that work with underserved populations. So, you know the work you are doing as an NP with ThriveAP+ is making a difference.

3. Adventure!

Not all phases of life offer the chance for adventure, let alone one that serves as a foundation for your professional future. So, why not start your career as an NP out with a bang! Openness to relocating to a new area, and working in a community you might not have otherwise considered can be challenging, but is also an extremely rewarding experience. Meet new people, travel a different area of the country, work in a facility willing to give back to you as well. You never know where ThriveAP+ might take you!

If you are interested in applying for ThriveAP+, check out the online application, or download an overview packet below. If you still have questions about ThriveAP+, you may email We’re happy to help!


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