Top 3 Nurse Practitioner Job Markets

While nurse practitioners in a few states have difficulty finding employment, the NP job market overall is bright these days.  Millions of Americans are projected to flood the healthcare system later this year as a result of the Affordable Care Act making the employment outlook for NPs even more favorable.  Which states offer nurse practitioners the most opportunity when it comes to finding work?

1. California 

While California is bustling with prospective NPs, nursing schools in the Golden State are struggling to find teachers to educate these eager students.  This presents a major problem for California- the state doesn’t have enough nurse practitioners.  The California Institute for Nursing & Health Care forecasts a shortage of 116,000 nurses by 2020.  They predict the state will be especially short of nurses holding graduate degrees.

So, if you’re a sun, sand and surf loving nurse practitioner, California could be just the gold rush you’ve been waiting for.

2. New York 

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Job vacancies for NPs are growing in NYC so hospitals an policymakers are calling on both students and currently practicing providers to step up and fill these gaps.  According to the Health Care Association of New York State, four out of five hospitals in New York are currently experiencing a shortage of nurses and nurse practitioners.

So, if Broadway shows and shopping are calling your name, consider moving your practice to the Empire State.

3. Florida

Like everyone else in Florida, nurse practitioners are retiring at an increasing rate.  Experts anticipate the state will need an additional 50,000 nurses, including nurse practitioners by 2025.  While practicing nurses and NPs are retiring, the Sunshine State is having trouble replacing them.  Schools in Florida are not equip to train enough nurses to fill the scrubs of those leaving their jobs.  The Florida Center for Nursing believes that half of aspiring nurses are unable to attend school as a result of faculty shortages and lack of funding.

While this is bad news for prospective nurses and nurse practitioners living in Florida, practicing NPs have their pick of jobs in Florida.  If you aren’t intimidated by gators and could use an extra dose of Vitamin D, Florida may be just the place for your nurse practitioner career.

The job outlook for nurse practitioners nationally is excellent and is expected to grow at a staggering 26 percent over the next few years.  Even if employment opportunities in your state seem a bit hard to come by, there are plenty of locations where you can advance your career.


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