Top 3 Emergency Nurse Practitioner Programs

Most students aspiring to work as emergency department NP’s select the Family Nurse Practitioner or Acute Care Nurse Practitioner tracks.  But some schools offer more focused NP program specialties, specifically for prospective emergency department nurse practitioners.  Which emergency-specific programs are best?

1. Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University’s Emergency Nurse Practitioner Program is packed full of quality curriculum.  A dual specialty Family Nurse Practitioner/ Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program with an Emergency Care focus, the program prepares students well for careers as emergency NP’s.  Vanderbilt University’s Emergency NP Program grads boast a 100% pass rate on the national nurse practitioner certification exam.  Faculty place local students in clinical sites saving them the trouble of finding their own clinical preceptors.  In the past two graduating classes, all students have been hired immediately upon graduation.

Located in up and coming Nashville, TN, students will find themselves not only with a quality education but also a fun city to explore featuring good eats and plenty of live music.

2. Emory University

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Emory’s Emergency Nurse Practitioner Program is built upon it’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program but with an emergency medicine focus.  With over 700 hours of supervised clinical hours, Emory’s Emergency NP Program grads are ready for practice upon graduation.  In fact, Emory grads have a 100% pass rate on the national NP certification exam and have no problems finding jobs after graduation according to faculty.

Emory is proud of the diverse experiences offered within the Emergency NP Program.  Students have the opportunity to work in a Level I Regional Trauma Center, have classroom instruction in forensic issues in emergency settings and work with a variety of medical professionals to name a few.

3. University of South Alabama

Like Vanderbilt, University of South Alabama’s Emergency Nurse Practitioner Program is based on a dual specialty curriculum.  Emergency NP students at University of South Alabama study the Family Nurse Practitioner and Adult-Gerontological Acute Care specialties with an emergency focus.  The program is online making it convenient for working and distance students.  Just one visit to campus is required.  Students are required to find their own clinical placements which can add some stress to their educational experience.  University of South Alabama’s Emergency NP Program prepares students well for the real-world.  Faculty say the pass rate for graduates on the national certification exam is “very high”.  They note that students get jobs very quickly upon graduation but not always in the emergency department.

While you can become an emergency department nurse practitioner with a simple family nurse practitioner or acute care nurse practitioner degree, a specialized emergency NP program may leave you better prepared for working in an emergency setting.  These programs offer a quality, specialized option for aspiring emergency department nurse practitioners.


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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Emergency Nurse Practitioner Programs”

  1. Victoria LaRocco

    Just to inform you. .. As a student who was currently enrolled in USA’s Dual Advanced Emergency program, it no longer exists. The emergency specialty has been removed. Now those of us currently enrolled are forced into competing our DNP projects solely in family practice. We were not grandfathered in despite our course curriculum schedules having no alteration on our parts. The school has been absolutely unreasonable in working with current students like myself. From vague responses to absolute dismissal of any information and updates when specifically asked by a multitude of students, several of us are now nearly $20,000 deep into our curriculum which is a far cry from what we were promised. I could not possibly imagine this fate for anyone in graduate school, let alone myself and my peers. I would strongly advise not choosing the University of South Alabama for your MSN or DNP as they have proved disloyal and untrustworthy in all matters thus far.

  2. Just to clarify, University of South Alabama’s Dual ACNP/FNP program now requires TWO campus visits. The first one occurs before your FNP practicums, the 2nd occurs before your ACNP practicums. If you go on to pursue the DNP, you can choose to specialize in ACNP or FNP for clinical DNP residency. The post above by Victoria LaRocco is an older one and they have made changes to the program since then. You still have to locate your own preceptors, but the online format and affordable tuition make it a good choice for those of us unable or unwilling to pay $1,400/credit hour at Vanderbilt. No knocking their program, but the cost is staggering for those of us who may not recoup that investment before retirement!

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