You know the drill. You wake up and get ready for a long day at the clinic or hospital making sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free. You take a quick look in the mirror…presentable. Then, once at work you throw on your big, baggy, shapeless lab coat hiding all of your painstaking effort at the ironing board. Does the cute, fashionable lab coat exist? We have discovered ten different figure friendly lab coats for women that make your life as a nurse practitioner more fashion forward.

1. FIGS Modern Lab Coat ($128)

Up and coming scrubs brand FIGS has become a name synonymous with trendy workwear. Nurse practitioners will find both comfort and the latest fit with the brand’s lab coats. Think Lululemon meets healthcare. The Modern Lab Coat is simple, lightweight and functional making it perfect for everyday wear. While on the higher end of the lab coat price spectrum, its durability and simple, timeless style make it worth the hit to your bank account.

2. Medelita Vandi Athletic Fit Lab Coat ($94)

If you’re a stickler for quality, Medelita’s lab coat selections have your name written all over them. Heavy, durable fabrics make the brand’s mark and lend themselves to a polished, professional look. Better yet, the lab coat does not require dry cleaning and comes out of the dryer wrinkle-free and ready to wear (you may want to run the iron over it if you’re going for the ultra-polished look). I’ve owned my Medelita lab coat for years and it’s fabric has held the test of time. This Athletic Fit selection with clean lines and angles lends itself to clinicians with a modern style.

3. FIGS Scholar Lab Coat ($98)

Once again, FIGS has created the perfect blend of fashion and function. If your lab coat is always getting in the way, opt for this short style, cropped to 28 inches as opposed to 32+ inches for a traditional lab coat. The short, sleek style makes for a sporty look keeping you on the go while seeing patients. The Scholar Lab Coat is crafted with lightweight, stain resistant fabric that comes out of the dryer wrinkle free and ready to wear.

4. Blue Sky Co. Bradford Lab Coat ($98)

Traditional with a twist, Blue Sky Scrub Co. makes a good-ole-fashioned lab coat with comfortable fabric. Some styles of the brand’s lab coat offerings also feature grey piping at the edges for a unique but subtle twist if you’re trying to make a (minimal) fashion statement.

5. Grey’s Anatomy Professional Full Length Lab Coat ($40.50)

If our previous lab coat selections were a bit out of your price range, look no further than the Grey’s Anatomy’s Professional Lab Coat. This was one of the first lab coats I purchased for my nurse practitioner career and it did not disappoint. Fitted without being tight, quality fabric without being too heavy, and plenty of pockets are all features you can expect. At 34 inches long, this lab coat errs on a more traditional style yet features a few design twists in the details.

6. Medelita Merit P. Slim Fit Lab Coat ($178) 

Crafted with Medelita’s thick, comfortable and wrinkle-free fabric, the Merit P. Slim Fit Lab Coat gives off the most polished, professional look on our list. Sleek lines and well-disguised pockets are features of the jacket and pair particularly well for healthcare providers that work in more formal settings.

7. FIGS Classic Lab Coat ($108) 

If you’re a FIGS fan but aren’t on board with the geometric lines featured in our previous selection, the Classic Lab Coat is for you. Fashioned with curved bottom seams, this lab coat gives off a more traditional and feminine feel while maintaining the quality that FIGS has to offer.

8. Cherokee Scrubs 36 Inch Lab Coat ($21) 

Healthcare providers who are looking for a full-coverage, lengthy lab coat (or who are just tall!) will be pleased with Cherokee’s 36 inch offering. Not to mention, at just over 20 bucks, this lab coat is a bargain. Whether you’re tall in stature, have a messy job, or just like a longer lab coat, you can’t beat this deal.

9. KOI Betsey Johnson Marigold Lab Coat ($34) 

Scrub maker KOI has teamed up with designer Betsey Johnson to create this affordable lab coat. At 32 inches, its just the right length for most heights and clinical settings. Lined, cuffed sleeves and a front pocket snap give this selection a little added flare while not being too outside the box.

10. Jaanuu Melody Lab Coat ($139)

Looking for something outside the box? With an atypical neckline, the Melody Lab Coat makes a bit of a fashion statement. With one button, this lab coat takes on the look of a blazer standing out from other options when it somes to cut. While this coat looks sleek and clean, it still features a number of pockets ideal for toting your clinical gear and tools.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Women’s Lab Coats”

  • I came here to look for another fitted and “figure friendly” lab coat. I have two of the Grey’s Anatomy and I’m glad to have purchased it. It is real good quality and it does look super nice and fashionable. Thanks for this list. I’ll try the others in hope to have something I like even better than #1 on this list although so far we both agree that it’s still the most fashionable out there.

    Thanks for the list!

  • Why do you call these lab coats. They are all too short to provide adequate coverage and safety to people who actually work in labs.

  • Medelita lab coats are the best hands down. They also have way more styles than the one shown. They are so stylish and professional!

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