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Continuing education conferences are a great way for nurse practitioners to boost clinical knowledge, connect with other NPs and rekindle career passion. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a totally valid excuse to step outside of the clinic or hospital walls every once in a while? Whether you’re an eager type-A nurse practitioner student or a seasoned NP, there’s a well kept secret for attending CE conferences affordably. 

I spoke at a conference for healthcare innovators here in Nashville, TN this week. I was surprised to hear that an NP student I recently met would also be attending. Maybe I shouldn’t have been – I see this NP student everywhere! I first met her when she reached out to ask if she could volunteer at ThriveAP’s continuing education event earlier this year. Suddenly, I realized her secret. She was simply requesting to volunteer at conferences all over the city in exchange for free admission. 

That’s right, if you’re a broke nurse practitioner student or an NP without extra funds (or on who’s just loves good deals!), a number of companies out there grant volunteers free admission to continuing education conferences. Simply help direct attendees or man a registration booth for a few hours, then enjoy the remainder of your time experiencing the event. 

You may not see ‘Volunteer Now!’ on a continuing education company’s website. However, you may call or contact the generic email address on the website to indicate your interest. Make sure to verify that the conference host will allow you to claim continuing education credits for the sessions you attend as you work out the volunteering logistics.

Which CE conferences will you attend this year?


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