Tips for an Epic Nurse Practitioner Graduation Celebration

When I think about university graduations, I think about, well, sweating. Living in the south, graduation season can be quite warm, especially when seated in the full-on sun wearing a giant black robe. I can’t say I look forward to graduation ceremonies themselves, but the significance is certainly worth braving well-intentioned outdoor events. Just bring extra deodorant if you live near the Mason-Dixon line.

Completing a nurse practitioner program is no easy feat. So, the occasion should be celebrated accordingly. There’s no better time to plan an epic NP program graduation throw down than this week when you are supposed to be studying for finals (obviously). To help inspire your party planning, I’ve complied a few of ThriveAP’s graduation blog post favorites to help you get started.

In the weeks leading up to your graduation, adorn yourself in these amusing finals week tees for NPs to keep the mood light. These picks are scientifically proven to reduce finals related stress.

The first step to throwing an unforgettable graduation bash? Choosing appropriate decor. You’d be surprised at just how chic a medical themed party can be. Select a motif from this post, Ideas for Throwing an Unforgettable Nursing Graduation Party, or spin off one of these suggestions to make the event your own.

Set a celebratory mood before your party by walking across the graduation stage in a blinged-out nursing graduation cap. Bonus points for bedazzling.

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If party planning isn’t providing enough of a distraction from the monumental task of preparing for finals, check out this entertaining eCards guide to surviving nursing school finals.

No graduation party is complete without a selection of custom beverages. Now that you’re finishing up grad school and are so over the make-a-vat-of-punch-in-the-bathtub undergrad years, serve these classier, nursing themed cocktails. We road tested them for National Nurse Practitioner Week and give our stamp of approval.

As you get ready for the big day, hide the wrinkles, dark circles, and other signs of excessive study stress from your face with our makeup hacks for exhausted nurse practitioner students.

Following the main event, commemorate your NP program experience, graduation day, and commencement throw down by creating a shadow box to capture your favorite moments of the past few years.

Breathe a (quick) sigh of relief. You did it. Your nurse practitioner education is officially complete. Now for the NP certification exam…will continued study sessions cause you to be diagnosed with one of these ICD-10 codes?

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes as you start your nurse practitioner career!


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