ThriveAP to be Featured on America Live!

Hello ThriveAP readers- I have some exciting news to share!  I’m thrilled to announce that I will appear on the Fox News Channel Friday, September 27th to discuss nurse practitioners and our role in healthcare reform.

While this is all very exciting, I am pee-my-pants nervous!  My only prior TV experience includes being randomly filmed as part of a crowd of kids at the water park during news coverage of a heat wave while visiting my grandparents about 20 years ago.  Not exactly a well-rounded media resume.

Despite my anxiety, I really believe nurse practitioners have an integral role to play as healthcare reform rolls out.  After all, we are pretty amazing, right?  Nurse practitioners care for millions of Americans each year in a cost effective manner necessary for the success of our healthcare system.  Regardless of your political leanings, we can all agree that providing quality care at a low cost is a positive.

What are you doing Friday afternoon?  If you have some free time, tune in to America Live on Fox News at 2:45pm ET to see me, Erin Tolbert, talk about nurse practitioners and their place in healthcare as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act nears (5 days and counting).

Now…what to wear?

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7 thoughts on “ThriveAP to be Featured on America Live!”

  1. Michael E Conner / Ask A

    Erin – Done good! Just saw youre interview on Fox. I have nurses and dosc running through the family, so naturally perked up when your segment came on. If only you were in Indiana, you’d make Ask A’s Monthly Top 5! (You might anyway.)

    (Nashville memories: First time I ever had Haagen Daz was in Nashville, next to the Vbilt campus . . .coffee.)


  2. Erin, you did great! You look wonderful on camera and I’m sure FOX will have you back, hopefully soon! You didn’t sound nervous, in fact, you came across as intelligent, knowledgeable, concerned and very approachable. Well done! I see you with a future as a FOX News Contributor.

  3. I saw the segment concerning the idea that the use of Anti-depressants may in some way create the risk for diabetes, I looked over the data and I do not think that this is a valid study, also looking at the source of the publication, they did not actually pursue or provide any data at all.

    This is a problem in any study, you simply must have empirical data, this idea that you can asses, studies from two different nations separated by more than 3000 miles of water is seriously disturbing.

    It is not only uses a very UN-scientific methodology, but it assumes a lot of information that simply is just not accurate or even trustworthy.

    I believe that you will see the “real” scientific community refute this and provide real world examples of why this is at best Darwinian science, AKA junk science.

    University of Southampton researchers assessed 22 studies and three previous systematic reviews that looked into the effects of antidepressants on diabetes risk. So they have no real data to add but have no problem assessing their way into a very problematic and likely ignorant conclusion.

  4. Bravo, you did great Erin, useful information on the anti-depressant link to diabetes. Fox would do well to keep you around, you presented every bit as good Sanjay. Keep smiling!

  5. Thanks all for the encouragement!  The topic of the segment was changed to antidepressants and the link to diabetes but overall hopefully still went well and was a little shout out to NPs!

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