What are your post-graduation plans? If you’re a nurse practitioner or physician assistant wrapping up your program in 2017, there’s a lot to consider. Not only must you take your certification exam and apply for a license, you’ll also need to find a job (of course!). Landing your first NP or PA position can be tricky. In some locations, employers are hesitant to hire new grads. Other facilities lack valuable support systems to onboard new providers as they continue to grow clinically. For these reasons, new NPs and PAs are increasingly turning to residencies.

If you’re not familiar with ThriveAP’s take on post-graduate education for nurse practitioners, our program, ThriveAP+, is similar to a residency for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. NPs and PAs partner with a facility that works with underserved patients, receiving support from experienced providers to facilitate growth in confidence and competence throughout the course of the 12-month program. Not only do sites understand the learning curve that new grads face making them great first practice experiences, ThriveAP+ NPs and PAs also participate in a robust curriculum to facilitate learning in the formal sense. At our 2-day kickoff conference in Nashville, TN, participants get hands on practice with suturing and minor office procedures. They also hear from speakers presenting on topics like Chest X-Ray Interpretation. This learning experience continues weekly in the online setting with 90-minute presentations on various clinical topics such as “My Tummy Hurts: Sorting Out Pediatric Abdominal Complaints” and “Management of Heart Failure in Primary Care”.

In 2017, we will have two ThriveAP+ cohorts – one starting in April and one in September. While the application deadline for our April cohort has come and gone, there’s still plenty of time left to apply for the September ThriveAP+ class! We’ve pushed back the application deadline for the September cohort to May 31st, 2017. Why, you ask? With a number of nurse practitioner students graduating in the spring and summer months, a winter application deadline can be difficult to meet. Here at ThriveAP, we want nurse practitioners who may not have heard about the program previously, or who may be unsure about post-graduation plans to have access to the benefits ThriveAP+ offers.

If you’re an on-top-of-it NP student and have already submitted your ThriveAP+ application, don’t worry – you won’t be aced out by those who may have a tendency to procrastinate. As always, we encourage early submission of your application if you are interested in the program. This gives us here at ThriveAP HQ more time to identify sites that might be a good fit for you, giving you the best possible selection of opportunities.

If you are interested in applying to ThriveAP+ (and here’s why you should), or to learn more about the program, you can request an info packet or check out the online application by clicking below.




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2 thoughts on “ThriveAP+ Application Update: When to Apply to Our NP Residency”

  • I Just graduated with a MSN AGACNP, Adult gerontology, acute care NP. I would like to have a residency program. My main area of nursing and clinical was the emergency department.

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