Whether you are just starting your NP education or you are a seasoned nurse practitioner, salary considerations never stop creeping up throughout your career.  You consider state variations in NP salaries when you move, or cost of schooling versus your prospective income when deciding if you want to further your nursing career.

The most popular ThriveAP posts always seem to come back to one thing- money.  So, I thought today I would share some of the top posts discussing nurse practitioner salaries.

  1. 10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties– Choosing your NP specialty or considering a change?  Check out which specialties will pay you the most.
  2. 5 Lowest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties– If a high paying specialty is important to you, you may want to avoid these picks.  Fortunately, there isn’t a significant spread between our highest and lowest paying specialty list.
  3. Salary Comparison NP vs. PA vs. MD– Still deciding which career to pursue?  Salary should certainly be a factor in your decision making.
  4. Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant: Who Has the Better Salary?– Can’t decide if the NP or PA route is right for you?  This post gives further insight into the salary differences between NPs and PAs.
  5. Nurse Practitioner Salaries by State: How Does Your State Rank?– It turns out where you live can significantly impact how much you are paid.  Don’t forget to factor cost of living into the equation.
  6. How Much Will Your NP or PA Salary Change With Experience?– As you gain more experience in your practice, your salary should increase, right?  This isn’t always true in the medical profession.  Check out this post for insight into how you can expect experience to impact your pay.
  7. Male Nurses Earn More than Females– While males make up just 10 percent of the nursing population, they earn significantly more than females.
  8. How the Way You are Paid Affects Your Job Satisfaction– Regardless of your overall paycheck, the way your salary is structured can have a significant impact on your job satisfaction.  Choose wisely during contract negotiation…

2014 is going to be a good year for nurse practitioners!

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