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The countdown to our next ThriveAP cohort has begun! Beginning April 4th, 2019, new(ish) grad nurse practitioners and physician assistants will converge on ThriveAP headquarters in Nashville, TN for two days of hands-on learning. At this in person meeting we’ll work on suturing skills, minor office procedures, and much, much more. Then, we will follow this session with one-year of weekly didactic online curriculum designed to fit into the workday. We call this residency-like experience “ThriveAP”. The program is designed to help new grads transition from education to practice with ease. To learn more about ThriveAP, check out our information packet here.

For the final month before the April ThriveAP launch, we’re offering a referral program. Why? Learning’s more fun with friends! Here’s a little F.A.Q. about the ThriveAP referral program. 

What is the ThriveAP referral program? 

The ThriveAP Referral Program is a great way to save money on the ThriveAP program and to participate with a friend or colleague. If you refer a NP, PA or student to ThriveAP’s April 2019 cohort and they enroll in the program naming you as their referral source, you each save $500 on the cost of enrolling in the program. If you refer five NPs or PAs to ThriveAP, all of whom enroll in the program and pay the enrollment fee, your enrollment in ThriveAP is free! Each person naming you as a referral source saves $500 on enrollment. (Offer eligibility subject to approval by ThriveAP). 

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How do I take advantage of the program? 

If you and/or a friend/colleague are interested in participating in ThriveAP, email Abigail Hunt ( to set up a time to talk with our Director of Programs about enrollment. Please mention who referred you to the program in the email.

Qualifications for person referred

  1. Must be eligible to enroll in ThriveAP (a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or student) 
  2. Must pay the ThriveAP enrollment fee, less the $500 discount, by April 1st, 2019 
  3. Must participate in the ThriveAP April 2019 cohort

Qualifications for person referring 

  1. Must be enrolled or in the enrollment process for ThriveAP
  2. Must have paid the ThriveAP enrollment fee, less the $500 discount
  3. Must participate in the ThriveAP April 2019 cohort


The ThriveAP discount referral program runs from March 4th to April 1st, 2019 and is valid only for the April 2019 cohort. Participants must enroll in the program and pay invoices for participation by April 1st, 2019. 

To enroll, email Abigail Hunt at Or, check out our information packet here to see if the program looks like a good fit for your new grad needs. We hope to meet you in Nashville next month! 


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