Our Top Clinical Resource Picks for the Year

Have you started your countdown yet? Whether you’re vigilantly watching the seconds tick by, or sleeping through the New Years transition, the beginning of this season is not only a time to look forward but also one to look back. When it comes to my work as a nurse practitioner, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a good resource. So, in the spirit of the New Year, here’s a look back at our top picks for clinical resources in 2017. Which were your favorites?

1. A Pharmacist’s Top Drug Resource Recommendations for NPs & PAs

This week, nurse practitioners in our inaugural ThriveAP+class sat in on a presentation from pharmacist Dr. Jon Pouliot about medication interactions in the primary care setting. With so many of our patients taking multiple medications, it can be tough as NPs and PAs to keep track of interaction considerations, as well as drug side effects and dosages. So, helpfully, Dr. Pouliot ended the presentation by suggesting a few practical resources nurse practitioners and physician assistants can use for prescribing. Continue reading…

2. 5 Resources for Billing and Coding Ignorant Nurse Practitioners 

As nurse practitioners, we spend the majority of time in our education on clinical content. Treating medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes are a focus. While clinical skills and know-how are essential to our careers, our education unfortunately neglects other aspects of the profession. Billing and coding is one such area. After all, it’s these skills that ensure we’re paid appropriately for the work that we do. Continue reading…

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3. 5 Affordable Online Controlled Substance CME Courses

With my latest employment transition came a reduction in my continuing medical education budget. My time attending annual CME vacations, correction, CME conferences, has come to an end. At least for now. So, when I learned of the State of Tennessee’s new regulations requiring nurse practitioners to obtain continuing medical education related to the prescribing of controlled substances, I searched for a more cost effective option than enrolling in a destination conference. Continue reading…

4. 3 Apps to Help Your Patients with Med Management

Often times, healthcare providers become frustrated with patients labeled as ‘non-compliant’, but it’s easy to see where well intentioned individuals go astray when it comes to adhering to a medication regimen. Managing multiple medications is difficult, and can easily consume one’s day. Fortunately, there are several apps out there that simplify medication management and help patients stay on track with their meds. If you’re a nurse practitioner, consider recommending these apps to your patients who have trouble sticking to their med schedule. Continue reading…

5. 4 Written Resources for Lab Interpretation 

We checked out several written lab interpretation resources, and selected those most practical for practicing nurse practitioners. If you’re an NP who could use some lab selection and interpretation guidance, consider purchasing these written references. Continue reading…

6. How Can NPs Learn LARC Insertion?

One service many nurse practitioners are well positioned to provide is long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). These methods of birth control include injections, IUDs and subdermal contraceptive implants. For the purposes of our post today, we’ll focus on subdermal contraceptive implants. Continue reading…

7. Medical Translation App Essentials for Nurse Practitioners 

In many settings such as the hospital, for example, nurse practitioners have access to a language line service that can interpret the interaction. In smaller clinics, however, these services may not be available. If you find yourself without a bilingual backup to assist you as an NP, interpretation apps can help. Continue reading…

Thank you all for reading ThriveAP in 2017. I’m looking forward to another great year together. Happy New Year from me and this guy!


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