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I am SO excited to announce today that ThriveAP is rolling out a new program for advanced practice providers. Why, you ask? Based on my own experience as a nurse practitioner, the transition from being in a NP program to actual practice is a tough one. While my nurse practitioner program gave me a solid clinical foundation, in my first job I still had a lot to learn. Providers I worked with didn’t have enough time in their days to train, educate and mentor me to help fill gaps in my knowledge. This made for a frustrating first work experience. So, here at ThriveAP we decided to do something about it. Enter ThriveAP.

To help with the unpreparedness and resulting frustration that NPs and PAs often feel in their first year of practice, we created ThriveAP, an education curriculum for advanced practice providers working in the primary care setting. ThriveAP begins with a multi-day kickoff in Nashville, TN. At the kickoff, participants orient to the program, meet fellow providers and beginning clinical learning. The kickoff conference features suturing and minor office procedures skills sessions with hands-on practice as well as a wealth of other didactic content like “Deadly Drug Interactions in Primary Care”.

Continued learning occurs with weekly, 90-minute virtual conferences over the course of the 12-month program. These sessions are taught by experts in their fields and provide practical, actionable information. We work hard to make sure you learn something valuable and applicable each week. Topics of sessions might include “Initiating Insulin in the Diabetic Patient”, “Interpretation of Rheumatology Labs” and professional topics like “Preparing for a Performance Review”. 65+ continuing education hours accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners are awarded upon completion of the program.

Does ThriveAP sound like what you need to take your advanced practice career to the next level, or even to become comfortable in your initial years of practice? If so, there are two paths to enrolling in the program.

1. ThriveAP  

Your employer will need to be on board with your participation in ThriveAP as employers typically cover the cost of participation. You’ll also need permission to attend the 2-day Nashville kickoff and attend 90-minute online sessions one morning/week. So, the first step to enrolling in ThriveAP if you’re an NP or PA is to share this info packet with your employer and ask them to reach out to our team at info@thriveap.com.

2. ThriveAP+

Are you currently looking for your first advanced practice job? Or, do you crave a more residency-like experience? If so, ThriveAP+ is the track for you. With this option, we match you with a facility that agrees to be a supportive first work experience while you participate in the year-long ThriveAP curriculum. Learn more about ThriveAP+ and how to apply for the program here.

We look forward to having you participate in our upcoming ThriveAP cohort!

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One thought on “Our New Program Helps Recent Grads…Thrive”

  • Colette Whelan says:

    I look forward to learning more about your new program, it is quite ingenious and very comforting as a soon to be new NP to know such a program exists,

    thank you

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