The traditional uniform for all medical personel, scrubs can be straight up boring.  If you do wear scrubs, whether out of an employer requirement or for the convenience of something cheap and easy to wash, where do you find scrubs that don’t make you look like you are wearing a ceil blue paper bag?  We have scoured the internet and asked opinions of our colleagues finding five brands that redefine the boring, baggy generic scrubs.

1. Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky is redefining the traditional scrub.  From the trendy pocket detail to the array of unique but not obnoxious color offerings, Blue Sky scrubs offer a little something different.

2. Medelita

Cut perfectly for women, Medelita offers high quality scrubs.  Their fabric is thick and comfy as well as stain resistant.  We love the blend of functionality and fashion these scrubs provide.  Founded by a physician assistant, Medileta is in tune to your scrub needs as a nurse practitioner.

3. Scrub Ink

We totally understand that our readers who enjoy a bold, patterned scrub top may feel constrained by the subdued color palate of our top two scrub picks.  Scrub Ink. provides an excellent compromise between these two styles.  Scrub Ink. offers a traditional scrub with a twist.  Pockets of these scrubs can be ordered with patterns or even customized to feature your personal photos.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

After seeing Katherine Heigl in those hip-hugging scrub bottoms, we all wanted them too.  We still love the original maker of the women’s fashion scrub.  The Grey’s Anatomy brand offers a wide array of colors and various designs accommodating all shapes and sizes at an affordable price.

5. IguanaMed

With a slightly more traditional scrub look, these scrubs are comfortable and well made making a great staple for your scrub wardrobe.  Well priced, we recommend owning them in a few colors.

Did we forget any?  Let us know which scrubs you like best!

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