Nursing Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks

Nurse practitioners work hard.  We are on our feet, seeing patients at a rapid pace and in general just busy.  So how do we keep our feet fresh and our backs from aching?  From personal experience, a good shoe makes all the difference.  Which shoes do I like best for a long day at the hospital?

1. Dansko ($119)

The Dansko Professional Clog has long been a staple of the nursing wardrobe and is my personal favorite shoe for work.  Although a bit clunky feeling at first, Dansko clogs wear in wonderfully.  My feet and ankles are well supported in these shoes.  A former sufferer of occasional knee and back aches and pains, I do not notice these ailments creeping back after a 12 hour shift in my Dansko clogs.  Although not the most stylist pieces of footwear (recommended for work use, not bachelorette parties), Dansko has developed many new styles and patterns of it’s traditional clog like the ‘Blue Wave’ pattern pictured above.  At $119 they are not cheap but I believe their durability makes up for the high price.  In 4 years I am only on my second pair (this is only because my puppy chewed the back off of my right shoe forcing me to purchase another pair).

2. Sanita ($130)

Similar in style to Dansko clogs, Sanita offers a bit more flair.  Even Sanita’s basic, solid colors boast some added detail.  The patterns offered by this brand are also unique such as the Professional Martina butterfly clog I am considering purchasing (pictured above).  Priced around $130, you do pay for this added attention to style but I hear these clogs hold up very well and will be a long-term addition to your wardrobe.

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3. Klogs  ($48-$88)

Klogs offers a  line of, well, clogs ranging from options that look a little more similar to “real” shoes to more Croc-like footwear.  Why are my top 3 shoe picks for nurse practitioners all in the clog category?  Like Klogs advertises, they offer ‘WOW’ comfort compared to other footwear options.  If you are looking to save a little money compared to my top 2 picks, Klogs are the way to go.

4. Mediplog Plogs  ($10-$17)

Mediplog ‘Plogs’ are perfect for the day when you feel like something a little more casual or when you might just get a little messy.  Plogs come in many colors and at under $20 you can purchase multiple pairs to coordinate with your entire scrub wardrobe.

5. Nike Free ($80-$100)

Not a clog person?  Or looking for a little variety?  I also love wearing these new colorful sneakers.  They add a little spice to my otherwise bland scrub wardrobe.  Personally, I own them in neon pink.

As a nurse practitioner, do you have a favorite brand of shoes to work?  Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Nursing Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks”

  1. Beware of buying “breathable” shoes. Consider the bodily fluids that may be hitting your shoes, and how you don’t want any of that to touch your skin. Or sit in your sock, especially if it happens at the start of a shift. I would rather have feet that smell horrible from my own sweat, than feet that are covered in who-knows-what. I loved my danskos. I had to toss them because the smell was overwhelming in the locker room. I’m on some Nike Shox now hat are super comfy. Just remember, any shoe that is worth it is going to cost over $100.

  2. I would have to agree with the Dankso selection as they are some of the top made nursing shoes in the market. The style, sophistication, durability, and comfort is unparalleled. As pointed out, they are not the cheapest, but when the last you three or more years, you know you’ve found a quality shoe.

  3. Additional TIP: Most nursing shoes are made from leather and rubber because these materials are easy to maintain and clean. Shoes made from synthetic or vegan leather are also available but not recommended as they can make your feet feel hot and sweaty. Suede shoes are also less popular because it is difficult to clean. Cloth-based nursing shoes like those made from canvas are not recommended as they can be stained easily and very time-consuming to clean. Overall, most nurses prefer nursing shoes made from rubber as they are very easy to clean, durable and lightweight.

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