Nurse Practitioners Average Six-Figure Salaries in These States

Salaries for nurse practitioners in nearly every state are on the rise. As the role of nurse practitioners expands and the need for healthcare in the U.S. increases, NPs become a more valuable asset and stand to profit. While the average nurse practitioner salary is between $90,000 and $95,000 nationally depending on who you ask, some states come out ahead of this mark. Where can nurse practitioners earn the most?

A six-figure salary is certainly noteworthy. But, in considering average salaries, don’t forget to take cost of living and state taxes into consideration. Some states topping this list can be quite expensive places to live. Others, however offer a more reasonable cost of living making them among the most desirable locales for NPs. Nurse practitioners practicing in the following ten states earn, on average, salaries in the six-figure range. 


1. Alaska

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2. California


3. Oregon


4. Hawaii


5. Massachusetts


6. New Jersey


7. Texas


8. Arizona


9. New Mexico


10. New York


NPs practicing in other states, how do you find your salaries compare?

*Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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7 thoughts on “Nurse Practitioners Average Six-Figure Salaries in These States”

  1. WOW first we become nurses than advance in our careers and we are within $5000.00 of what a PA makes. That is incredible i am getting a masters already got a bachelors increasing the tab on student loans. By the way how much does it cost to become a PA in Texas.

  2. I’m in gwinnett ga, salaries vary. I’ve seen $75-85,000 annually. It depends on practice-private or hospital, experience and location

  3. I think after student loans and all the cost of normal life just breaking the 100g mark is insufficient! We should be at least in the 120’s . considering the revenue we create and the hours we put in as hospitalist, we can command such salaries. If we accept those jobs that pay under 100 we give our selves away. When I was a ASN I was able to make over 80 g working 60 hours on nights and weekends. With only about 2.5 years of experience. Now I have 80 grand of school loans with a $1000 payment. Only bringing in just under 7grand net per month. Certainly not feeling the big (pay) welcome arrival of a final destination in my carrier. So considering moving from TN. Still it’s good job just wish that after all the hard work I feel like I could be financially secure and I don’t!

  4. Total compensation is what really matters and the only thing NPs and PAs focus on is salary. I make 200k with over half as bonuses. Physicians are the same way, salary doesn’t mean anything to them, it’s the total comp plan. Yet every survey I’ve ever seen for NPs is solely based on salary and doesn’t allow an answer for total comp! We all need to know the real numbers in order to appropriately negotiate! The minute you go and try to negotiate a salary instead of the total comp, you’re already going to get taken advantage of and the organization knows it before the negotiations even start! NPs and MDs are reimbursed the same for providing care so why are we focused on different things when we are to be compensated for providing the same level of care!?!?

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