Nurse Practitioner Residency Opportunity in New Orleans

This week’s highly anticipated featured residency opportunity is located in New Orleans near the Gulf of Mexico, in the southern tip of beautiful Louisiana. Envision yourself working to improve the health and wellness of your community by providing accessible, affordable, culturally competent, community based primary preventive health care all with the support a new grad really needs. Now, imagine doing so by collaborating with community partners where teamwork with other providers is a must. Sound too good to be true?! Well, just wait because it gets better…

This residency-like opportunity for new grad nurse practitioners is available through ThriveAP’s ThriveAP+ program. ThriveAP+ supports NPs and PAs in becoming more effective, confident and efficient advance practice providers with a solid foundation of clinical knowledge through our ThriveAP curriculum. ThriveAP offers professional and clinical development that occurs on a regular basis with weekly ThriveAP online sessions where didactic content is delivered live by field experts. This gives ThriveAP+ participants access to specialists who can answer questions they have, taking their clinical skill set to that next level.

This week’s featured facility strives to ensure the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and outreach in patient care. They offer culturally appropriate services through a diverse staff that is fluent in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. The facility knows that their patients are served far better when providers work together as a team rather than as individuals and they cooperate with one another to combine efforts in a way that maximizes patient value. This makes the clinic the perfect place for FNP new grads to learn from and be mentored by other more experienced providers.

Finally, not only will this opportunity take your clinical skill set to the next level, you’ll do so while living in a vibrant city, where the weather rarely drops below 60 degrees and the spicy food, cultural diversity and a tight-knit community make the city come alive. New Orleans is known for around the clock nightlife, infectious live music and for being a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. You can spend your days exploring the city parks and museums, indulging your mind in the city’s deep rooted history or partake in one of many festivals that take to the streets. New Orleans guarantees breaks from the daily routine, bursts of excitement and community embracement no matter who you are or where you come from.

If you are interested in working with a facility with compassionate, culturally sensitive, primary and preventive health care, resulting in a healthier population an improved quality of life. Apply toThriveAP+ today!

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