If you’re a soon-to-be NP grad, chances are, you’re a little worried about the next steps in your career. Will you be able to find a job? And, more importantly, will the job be understanding of your level of experience as a new grad? Concerns about the amount of support you will have in your first NP position are warranted. Many practices aren’t familiar with the learning curve that less experienced nurse practitioners face, and hold unrealistic expectations for these providers.

What if you could practice in an environment understanding of your level of experience? This might mean a job shadowing period at the beginning of the term of your employment. Or, it might look like scheduling one patient visit per hour in your initial months on the job, rather than the standard three or four.

As a new graduate, this kind of support is essential to nurse practitioner career survival. The new grad experience is overwhelming no matter how you do it. But, with a support system in place, it can be viewed as a challenging learning opportunity rather than a sink-or-swim, make-or-break career experience. With structure in place in your employment setting, and resources for continuing to learn and further your clinical know-how, you will become a confident, competent NP before you know it. ThriveAP+, a residency-like program for nurse practitioners, provides just that experience.

If you’ve been wondering what the ThriveAP+ buzz is all about, check out our new video featuring this year’s inaugural ThriveAP+ class.

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Are you ready to Thrive?

Support + education for early career nurse practitioners.

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