Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month: University of Texas at Austin

Living in Austin is oh-so trendy at the moment.  Thankfully, the city’s got a kickin’ nurse practitioner program to match.  Along with Austin’s offerings of a vibrant live music scene and top notch cuisine, the University of Texas at Austin’s NP program completes this idealistic picture for prospective NP’s.  Could this fun, young city and high quality university be the perfect place to complete your nurse practitioner education?

Univeristy of Texas Austin offers a wealth of options for completing your education.  UT’s Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing Program is uniquely designed to allow students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing to complete an MSN degree.  This program is perfect for students seeking a career change or who are making the decision to become a nurse practitioner at a later stage in their education.  Students in this MSN track are prepared as Family Psych/Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.  Other tracks prepare students as clinical nurse specialists or for administration and teaching careers.

If you are already a nurse, options for your education abound at University of Texas Austin.  UT’s MSN program offers an array of specialties such as Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner along with multiple administrative and teaching related options.  The FNP and PNP specialties can be completed in just under two years placing students on the fast track to becoming NP’s.  The application deadline for University of Texas Austin’s MSN programs is December 1st. This summer is the perfect time to start working on your application.

Outside of the classroom, organizations for nurses help enrich the student experience at UT.  The Hispanic Nursing Student Association and The Longhorn Association for Men in Nursing, for example, give students with specific interests an outlet for participation in the nursing community.  Networking opportunities through these groups can be beneficial when finding a job after graduation.

For other students, outreach opportunities provide valuable nursing experience while allowing students to serve the community.  The on-campus Family Wellness Center, for example, provides medical care to Austin’s uninsured population. The Children’s Wellness Center offers care to medically underserved, low-income pediatric patients.  Involvement in these clinics gives nurse practitioner students hands-on experience preparing them for real-world practice.

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If you’re looking for a nurse practitioner program in Texas, or would consider relocating to Austin (who wouldn’t?!), The University of Texas at Austin’s NP programs are worth a serious look.  You can’t beat the perfect pairing of a fabulous location and quality education.


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