Are you a new (or soon-to-be) nurse practitioner looking for an adventure out West? If you haven’t yet heard ofThriveAP+, you can think about the program like a residency for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You match with a facility that is a supportive place to learn and kick off your career while also participating in a didactic curriculum to boost your clinical knowledge. You can learn more about the program here.

This week’s featured ThriveAP+ opportunity is located in Northwest Oregon. The facility has a vision to create and maintain healthy people and a healthy community by providing direct health care services to its population as well as community heath education and activities. They operate five clinics in the county which consist of school-based health centers, patient centered primary care homes, a rural health clinic and a public health clinic. The ThriveAP+ participant matched with the facility will have the opportunity to work among these different locations, learning from multiple experienced providers and working with a varied patient population to ensure a well-well-rounded clinical experience.

The ThriveAP+ participant matched with this facility will provide a wide range of primary care services to patients of all ages developing a solid foundation for their practice future. They will get to work in a great variety of sites and services all while working alongside other providers for support when needed. The participant will also be supported and trained through our ThriveAP program curriculum

ThriveAP gives NPs and PAs a tool for increasing their clinical skill set even after graduation with practical, actionable information. Our ThriveAP curriculum consists of a 2 day kickoff conference, located in Nashville, Tennessee, followed by weekly online didactic sessions packed with clinical pearls.

If you are looking to be tucked away in the Northwest region of scenic Oregon in a quiet, serene setting with green rolling hills all while increasing your skill set and knowledge on the path to becoming an autonomous provider, this may be the site for you. To learn more about this and other featured facilities, apply to ThriveAP+ today!

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