NP Residency Application 2020 is Here!

Are you wrapping up your nurse practitioner program in 2020? While donning your cap and gown may seem like a distant event, graduation isn’t that far away and it’s not too soon to start thinking about your next steps. Finding and working in your first nurse practitioner job can seem like a daunting task. While your clinicals will give you a medical foundation, there’s still a long way to go post-graduation to make your clinical skill set robust and efficient. Enter nurse practitioner residencies.

A residency or fellowship is a great way to get a progressive start to your NP career. These programs allow you to solidify your clinical skills while taking responsibility for a steadily increasing patient load rather than jumping in to the typical demands of healthcare employment right away. While you may earn a reduced salary in this first year of practice as part of these experiences, the financial sacrifice for a supportive first NP work experience is well worth the opportunity to build a foundation for the rest of your career.

One drawback of nurse practitioner residencies and fellowships is that there are very few opportunities given the number of NP students that graduate each year. So, here at ThriveAP, we have primary care residency-like options for new grads that make these programs more accessible. The didactic portion of education in our programs is offered online so that new grad NPs in a greater number of facilities can connect in live education sessions each week in addition to their patient care responsibilities. This also means a larger support network of new grads in your similar position. ThriveAP+ is the option most similar to a traditional NP residency. Already employed? We’ve got options that fit with the workday for you, too. ThriveAP is your best pick.

Check out the two residency-like paths available to you in 2020. 

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If you’re looking for a smooth transition to practice in 2020, ThriveAP and ThriveAP+ help accommodate newer graduates with continued learning and support not typically found in the traditional employment setting. Download an information packet with the links above to determine which enrollment option is the right path for you. Or, connect with a member of the ThriveAP team by emailing us at

We look forward to learning more about you and helping support you throughout your first year of practice! Check out a video featuring past particpants here. 


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