The Newest Way for Nurse Practitioners to Work from Home

Throughout my career as a nurse practitioner, I have enjoyed flexibility in many forms. PRN positions have helped me to fill gaps in my schedule. Full-time shifts with a variety of hours have allowed me to enjoy a balanced work and personal life. Now, new technology is making waves in healthcare making it possible for nurse practitioners to have an even greater level of career flexibility. While most advances in telehealth have been in psychiatry, one company is bringing healthcare online for women with a variety of healthcare needs.

Maven is a digital resource that gives women instant access to best-in-class healthcare professionals. Through video appointments, private messaging, and anonymous forums, women can speak to providers from the convenience of their home or office, or while on-the-go via their mobile phone. The network of medical experts available on Maven is wide-ranging and includes everything from OB/GYNs and doulas to mental-health clinicians and even physical therapists. Once a woman creates an account, she can schedule an appointment as early as within the hour. Appointments start at $18 for 10 minutes and go up in time and price from there. 

To get a better idea of what it’s like to work for Maven as a nurse practitioner, the company generously agreed to have Rebecca Callahan, one of Maven’s top NPs, answer a few questions about what working with Maven looks like for providers. Here’s what Rebecca had to say.

How did you get involved with Maven as a nurse practitioner?

I love being a mom and I also love my career. A couple of years ago, I was eager to get back to work, but was not sure what that would look like with my three young children. When my twin boys were about eight months old, I came across an innovative startup called Maven. Led by founder and CEO Katherine Ryder, Maven is a digital resource that gives women instant access to healthcare specialists via video appointments, private messaging, and forums. I thought it was a brilliant idea and began to tap into my network to help recruit other health and wellness professionals to the platform. Soon I came on board as a nurse practitioner and product adviser.

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Describe the types of patients you and other NPs treat at Maven.

Most of our patients are women in their 20’s and 30’s. We also have a lot of college students using the app. Since I am a women’s health nurse practitioner, the majority of my patients are seeking information about, or prescriptions for, birth control, UTI treatments, yeast infections, prenatal or postpartum issues, etc. I also see a lot of primary care patients. We also work with employers and help them deliver best-in-class maternity benefits to working pregnant women and new moms.

What does working for Maven look like for the typical NP?

All of our Maven practitioners enjoy an amazing amount of flexibility in setting their own schedules and working from home, or wherever they can find WiFi. A lot of our nurse practitioners are employed in an offline setting and set Maven hours during the evenings or on the weekends. We like to see a provider setting at least five to eight hours of availability a week, but I often set much more than that.

What do you enjoy most about working for Maven?

I love the fact that I can work from home and make my own hours: I can drop my daughter off at preschool and I was able to finish a full year of nursing my twins. I am also passionate about helping other women and I knew that Maven would be a wonderful resource.

What are the biggest challenges you face treating patients in the telehealth setting?

Honestly, there are not as many challenges as you might think. Women often have to miss work, school, or spend hours in a waiting room to see a healthcare provider when really all that was needed was a quick conversation. True, I cannot take someone’s blood pressure or draw blood across the video call, but the patient can have those things done elsewhere very easily. I am able to help or treat the majority of my patients via Maven, but I always refer out if necessary.

Interested in working for Maven?

Nurse practitioners interested in working with Maven can visit the practitioner section of the company’s site and register. Those who are a potential fit will be contacted directly. To ensure quality care, Maven evaluates the knowledge, skills, and experience of every practitioner on the platform. Together with other screening processes, a brief assessment and case study help the company to thoroughly evaluate candidates. Every candidate also is required to complete a short, video-based interview with a Maven healthcare consultant. 

‘Thank You’ to Rebecca for giving insight into working as a telehealth nurse practitioner!


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