A New Way to Find Your Dream Nurse Practitioner Job

I started ThriveAP in 2012 because I felt there was not enough high-quality information out there for nurse practitioners and prospective nurse practitioners about the NP career. I love my career as an emergency room nurse practitioner, and wanted to help other people discover just how rewarding a career as a NP can be.

Two years and nearly 1,000 blog posts later, ThriveAP now has more than 50,000 monthly readers. Many of our readers email me, thanking me for the content I’ve written, and then asking for individualized help finding a job. They complain that their school prepared then for practicing medicine, but not for finding the right job or career path. Or, they feel unsure about how to discuss an employment agreement with a new employer, etc.

I looked at various ways that I could help. I wanted to find a way where I could start advocating for those readers who asked for individualized help. Many of my readers had complained that they had filled out some online forms as part of their job search, and ended up being flooded by calls from recruiters. A friend of my husband’s commented that many doctors don’t have to deal with that, because in the job market for doctors, one “agent” represents the employer or hospital and a different “agent” represents the doctor. It’s kind of like a real estate transaction, where both sides have their own agent advocating for them.

This observation got me thinking…if doctors get to have their own representation, then why can’t nurse practitioners? I believe we can, and should. And I’m interested in being yours. I’m calling it the ThriveAP Career Advisor Program. The way I envision this working is that I will get an understanding of what you want, help you if necessary with your resume and with preparing for interviews, and then work to find you the right job. You can tell all the recruiters calling you that they can work with you through me.

How will I get paid? Frankly, I’m not entirely sure right now. If this works, my payment will probably end up coming out of the placement fee that the hospitals pay the recruiting firms. We’ll see. For now, I’m just doing this for free to see if it will work and actually helps my readers.

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So, if you’re actively looking for a job or just think you would possibly be open to something new if you knew you could explore what’s out there, let me know and I’ll look forward to working with you! And, check out the FAQ’s on our new ThriveAP Career Advisor Page for more information.


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