What does your file cabinet look like?  I can’t tell you what mine looks like- it won’t open.  If I was able to shimmy the file drawer out of it’s frame, the ensuing explosion of tax returns, bank statements, NP licenses and old CME certificates would be enough to provoke a full-on panic attack.  Fortunately, for my sanity, my employer is kind enough to remind me when a certification is about to lapse.  Otherwise, my organizational system might put me out of practice.

But, what do you do if your employer isn’t so savvy?  Can you imagine when your NP certification is about to lapse and you need to pull your paperwork together in an organized fashion?  With my current filing system, that could mean days of procrastination and hours wasted loathing the task not to mention the time spent actually getting organized (at the last minute, of course).  NP’s, I’m happy to inform you there’s a better way.

I was recently alerted to a local company who is solving this problem for providers.  ProviderTrust, a Nashville based company, has created an online portal where you can store your licensing, credentialing, certification and continuing education information.  This system keeps your information safe and secure online.  It’s accessible whenever and wherever you might need it…all without opening your file cabinet.

Even if your employer tracks the expiration dates of your various credentials for you, it’s good to keep up with this on your own as a lapse in certification could have disastrous results.  I recently created an online profile with ProviderTrust and loved their system.  It’s foolproof.  The online portal is simple and easy to use allowing for storage of all your pertinent documentation.  There’s even a notes section where you can upload documents that don’t fall into the traditional certification categories.  I just wish I had known about this system before completing my recertification this winter.

If your file drawer looks like mine, online storage of your NP certification information is a must.  By scanning and uploading your certifications, licenses and credentials online, you eliminate the dread that comes with changes in your career.  If your documents are neatly tucked away in their respective electronic locations tasks like recertification or changing your name on nurse practitioner licensing become a breeze.

The best time to start the process of getting your NP information online?  When you graduate from your nurse practitioner program.  This way, you can easily keep up with your certification documents as you receive them facilitating a smooth transition to becoming officially licensed and transmitting this information to your new employer.

So, if you graduated this past weekend, create an individual passport online and begin with electronically filing away your new diploma.  Congratulations and best of luck on your certification exam!


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